CERSER - Past Events

Date Event Speaker Sponsor
2022-03-24 2022 SGCI Coding Institute  
2021-03-24 2022 J. L. Houston Mathematical Lecture Series  
2021-06-142021 SGCI Applied Distributed Systems Summer SeminarsSGCI
2021-06-072021 SGCI Coding InstituteSGCI
2020-11-05HPC in the City 2020SGCI
2020-06-292020 SGCI Coding InstituteSGCI
2020-02-18Johnny L. Houston Lecture Series
2019-12-09AGU Fall Meeting 2019AGU
2019-10-15Celebration of Women in MathematicsSGCIDr. Farrah Jackson-Ward
2019-09-23Gateways 2019SGCI
2019-07-28SGCI Hack@PearcSGCI
2019-07-01GLOBE Summer ProgramGLOBE
2019-06-032019 SGCI Coding InstituteSGCI
2019-04-05GLOBE Workshop for TeachersGLOBE
2018-11-11SuperComputing 2018
2018-11-01Fall Distinguished Lecture SeriesIEEEDr. Abdinur Ali
2018-10-16Celebration of Women in MathematicsNASA SGCIDr. Margaret Copeland
2018-09-25Gateway Computing Environments ConferenceSGCI
2018-07-26SGCI HackathonSGCI
2018-07-16PiMERS Pre-College ProgramNASA
2018-07-052018 SGCI Coding InstituteSGCI
2018-07-02PiMERS Middle School - Samuels ChapelNASA
2018-06-18PiMERS Middle School ProgramNASA
2018-02-27CIAA NASA ForumNASA
2018-01-02Gateway Architecture WorkshopSGCI
2018-01-02Gateway Architecture WorkshopSGCI
2017-12-02GRS29: Leadership WorkshopIEEE
2017-11-16Fall Distinguished Lecture SeriesIEEEJoseph Ausby
2017-11-06MUREP Other Opportunities Annual Principal Investigator MeetingNASA MUREP
2017-10-24Celebration of Women in MathematicsNASATiwana Walton-Copeland
2017-10-23Gateway Computing Environments ConferenceNSF
2017-10-21NASA 100th AnniversaryNASA
2017-10-19IBM HackathonIBM
2017-09-28Men of Excellence
2017-09-22Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility
2017-09-20NTA Conference
2017-09-14Internship Roundtable
2017-08-21Solar Eclipse 2017
2017-07-23IGARSS 2017 Fort Worth TexasIEEE-GRSS
2017-07-17PiMERS Robotics ProgramNASA
2017-07-05PiMERS Pre-College ProgramNASA
2017-06-26SGCI Coding InstituteSGCI
2017-06-19PiMERS Middle School ProgramNASA
2017-06-01SGCI InternshipsSGCI
2017-05-09SGCI Computational WorkshopSGCI MolSSI
2017-04-09Research Week 2017
2017-02-22NC GIS
2017-02-18VASC STEM Saturday
2017-02-06Research Week 2017
2017-01-28Hidden Figures - HamptonPIMERS
2017-01-28Hidden Figures - Elizabeth CityPiMERS
2017-01-21IMPACT Program - Morehead Planetarium
2017-01-10GLOBE Workshop
2016-12-12SeaSpace Workshop
2016-12-12American Geophysical Union (AGU)
2016-11-29Fall Distinguished Lecture SeriesJustin Waddell
2016-11-13SuperComputing 2016
2016-11-10AISES National Conference
2016-11-08NOBCChE 2016
2016-11-04SGCI ConferenceSGCI
2016-10-24International Conference of the AARSE
2016-10-20Celebration of Women in MathematicsNASA PiMERSMs. Sheryl Bradford
2016-09-29Internship Roundtable
2016-09-21National Technical Association Conference
2016-08-22NASA MUREP Site VisitNASA MUREP
2016-07-10IGARSS 2016 Beijing ChinaIEEE
2016-06-28Galaxy Community Conference 2016
2016-06-13PiMERS Middle School ProgramNASA MUREP
2016-06-10ADMI Curriculum Enhancement using Cloud Computing WorkshopADMI
2016-06-08ADMI Software Carpentry WorkshopADMI
2016-06-01Summer REU
2016-05-11LeCompte, Swindell, Middle East Research
2016-04-16USA Science & Engineering Festival
2016-04-112016 Research WeekNASA LangleyErica J. Alston
2016-04-08WIE/IEEE GRSS Joint MeetingMelba Crawford
2016-04-052016 REU Closing
2016-03-31ADMI Symposium
2016-02-26Emerging Researchers National Conference in StemNSF
2016-02-13Black History Month Celebration at VASC
2015-12-16American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
2015-12-11Apple HBCU student in Baltimore Sun Article
2015-11-16Supercomputing 2015
2015-10-30SACNAS ConferenceSACNAS
2015-10-27Fall Distinguished Lecture SeriesDr. Gamaliel Cherry
2015-10-25REU SymposiumNSF
2015-10-08Celebration of Women in MathematicsDr. Denise Johnson
2015-09-30Gateway Computing Environments WorkshopSGI
2015-09-21NOBCChE ConferenceNOBCChE
2015-07-26IGARSS 2015 Milan Italy
2015-06-15CReSIS Summer Middle School Program
2015-06-15ECSU @ NASA LaRC
2015-05-15Summer REU in Ocean Marine and Polar Science
2015-05-11YouthBuild Commencement
2015-04-28NASA Site Visit
2015-04-23Honors Convocation 2015
2015-04-18National Math Festival
2015-04-16REU Academic Year Closing
2015-04-13Research Week 2015
2015-04-02PW Moore Math Sprint
2015-03-26ECMS STEM to STEAM
2015-03-25CReSIS All-Hands
2015-03-21ADMI - Richard LoftADMI
2015-03-19ADMI Symposium
2015-02-28Founders Day Gala
2015-02-26North Carolina GIS Conference
2015-02-19Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEMNSF
2015-02-07VASC Black History Month Celebration
2015-01-13NASA Langley Sigma SeriesNASABrian Stewart
2014-12-15American Geophysical Union (AGU)
2014-11-21SGI Workshop @ SC14SGI
2014-11-16Supercomputing 2014
2014-11-13IEEE-GRSS Distinguished Lecture SeriesMichael Osterhouse
2014-10-19GSA ConferenceGSA
2014-10-14Celebration of Women in MathematicsCReSIS/SGIStephanie McLean
2014-10-07NSF CReSIS Final Site VisitNSF
2014-09-27IEEE Leadership TrainingIEEE
2014-09-23NOBCChE Conference
2014-07-13IGARSS 2014 Québec CanadaIEEE-GRSS
2014-07-09IEEE-GRSS Distinguished Lecture SeriesDr. Willie Moore
2014-06-23Diversity in the Computational Geosciences WorkshopNSF
2014-06-16CReSIS Summer Middle School ProgramCReSIS/NSF
2014-05-19Summer REU in Ocean Marine and Polar ScienceNSF
2014-04-29Park View Math Sprint
2014-04-26USA Science Festival
2014-04-23UNH Undergraduate Research Conference
2014-04-15REU Closing Program
2014-04-0820th Annual Spring Reading Conference, Grambling State UniversityNASA NICE
2014-04-07UCAR Software Engineering ConferenceNCAR/UCAR
2014-04-03ADMI Symposium
2014-03-29Women''s Empowerment Luncheon
2014-03-19GEO REU WorkshopNCAR/UCAR
2014-03-11Vienna AAUW MeetingAAUW
2014-03-08STEM Symposium for the National Capital Region
2014-02-27STEM Family Night at Riverside
2014-02-27CIAA Tournament
2014-02-04Research Week 2014CReSISDr. Joseph Davis
2014-02-04IEEE-GRSS Distinguished Lecture SeriesMichael Cobb
2013-12-16NASA 2013 Summer of Innovation at ECMSNASA
2013-12-092013 AGU Fall MeetingAGU
2013-11-22ECSU International Dinner
2013-11-18ECSU Day @ Pasquotank County High School
2013-11-133rd Gender SummitNSF
2013-11-07IEEE Student Branch #66221 Business MeetingIEEE-GRSSMichael Rice
2013-10-15Celebration of Women in MathematicsCReSISDr. Aliecia McClain
2013-10-07NASA NICE Principal Investigators MeetingNASA
2013-10-01NOBCChE 40th Annual ConferenceNOBCChE
2013-09-292013 WAIS WorkshopNASA
2013-09-27NSF: Change the WorldNSF
2013-09-09IGS Symposium on RadioglaciologyIGS
2013-08-06Science Gateways WorkshopADMI
2013-07-29Summer 2013 Workshop for MSI FacultyNASA
2013-07-21IGARSS 2013 Melbourne AustraliaIEEE-GRSS
2013-07-10IEEE-GRSS Distinguished LectureIEEE-GRSSClay Swindell
2013-07-08CReSIS High School ProgramNSF
2013-06-27Coastal Studies Institute - Reide CorbettD. Reide Corbett, Ph.D.
2013-06-17CReSIS Middle School ProgramNSF
2013-05-20Summer REU in Ocean Marine Polar ScienceNSF ONR
2013-05-20Watershed Watch 2013NSF
2013-04-24NSF CReSIS Site VisitNSF
2013-04-12Science Gateway Workshop at ADMISGI
2013-04-11ADMI Symposium 2013ADMI
2013-02-112013 Research WeekDr. Gamaliel Cherry
2013-02-07BEYA 2013
2012-12-032012 AGUAGU
2012-11-15NASA NICE Grambling State University PresentationNASA NICE
2012-11-09NSF QEM Network STEM WorkshopNSF
2012-10-29AARSE - Morocco
2012-10-25NASA NICE GPS WorkshopNASA NICE
2012-10-21SeaSpace International Remote Sensing ConferenceSeaSpace
2012-10-16Celebration of Women in MathematicsCReSIS/NASA/NOAAAngela Mason
2012-09-04HUBbub 2012 HUBzero Conference
2012-08-282012 NSF STC Directors MeetingNSF
2012-08-15SPCG 2012 Awards CeremonySPCGDr. Anthony Junior
2012-08-062012 NASA NICE Climate Change WorkshopNASA
2012-07-30VSCSE Science Cloud Summer School
2012-07-22IGARSS 2012 Munich GermanyIEEE-GRSS
2012-07-10TI-83 Graphing Calculator TrainingJamika Baltrop
2012-06-18CReSIS High School ProgramNSF
2012-06-11CReSIS Middle School ProgramNSF
2012-06-07ECSU at ECMS - College and CareersCharles Luther
2012-05-29Summer REU in Ocean Marine Polar ScienceNSF
2012-05-22NICE/GLOBE WorkshopsNASA
2012-04-28Science and Engineering Festival
2012-04-24UNH Undergraduate Research ConferenceUNH
2012-04-19IEEE Distinguished Lecture SeriesDr. Reginald Fletcher
2012-04-19Research Day 2012
2012-04-18GIS/GPS Remote Sensing WorkshopDr. Reginald Fletcher
2012-04-17URE Closing Programs
2012-04-17Tri-Agency Climate Change Education PI MeetingNASA
2012-04-12ADMI 2012ADMI
2012-04-02CReSIS Advisory Board MeetingNSF
2012-03-14NSF STEP Grantees MeetingNSF
2012-02-24Blazing Trails: African Americans in STEMNSF
2012-02-06Research Week 2012Grant S. Williams
2011-12-10VEX Robotics CompetitionVEX
2011-12-01PAESMEM WorkshopNSF
2011-11-29J1 Visa WorkshopDr. C. K. Kwai
2011-11-16GIS Day at ECMS
2011-11-10NICE NASA Langley Tour
2011-11-10NICE Distinguished LectureGloria Brown-Simmons
2011-11-09NICE Climate Change Workshop
2011-11-08SeaSpace PresentationEric Baptiste
2011-10-29ADMI Board Meeting
2011-10-20UNH NERU Presentation
2011-10-12NASA NICE PI MeetingNASA/VSGC
2011-10-10Celebration of Women in MathematicsDr. Latasha Weeks
2011-09-29STEM Conference
2011-09-27MSI Technical Assistance and Capacity Conference
2011-09-21WAIS Workshop
2011-09-13NSF STC MeetingNSF
2011-08-01Super Kids Academy
2011-07-21IGARSS 2011 Vancouver CanadaIEEE-GRSS
2011-06-20CReSIS Middle School Program
2011-06-20CReSIS High School Program
2011-06-06ADMI Regional Faculty Workshop
2011-05-31Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine Polar Science
2011-04-22Cyberinfrastructure Day at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
2011-04-14ADMI Symposium
2011-04-04UNH Undergraduate Research ConferenceUNH
2011-03-30URE Closing
2011-03-29IEEE-Spring Distinguished LectureDr. Terrance West
2011-01-31MST Research Week
2011-01-18University of Ghana Meeting
2010-12-17CERSER STEM Workshop
2010-12-15ADMI Board Meeting/Strategy Session
2010-11-30CloudCom 2010
2010-11-244th International Conference on Appropriate Technology
2010-11-17GIS Day @ ECMS
2010-11-13SuperComputing 2010
2010-11-09Internship Roundtable
2010-10-30Women of Color STEM Conference
2010-10-23USA Science & Engineering Festival
2010-10-21Fall Distinguished LectureDr. Kate Brodie
2010-10-19Celebration of Women in MathematicsNSFDr. Andrea Lawrence
2010-10-18E-Learn 2010
2010-09-30SPCG Awards Banquet/NSF Acting Director Visit
2010-09-14ECSU Board of Trustees Visit
2010-08-30NSF STC Directors MeetingNSF
2010-07-25IGARSS 2010 Honolulu HawaiiIEEE-GRSS
2010-06-22ECSU/LaRC/PPS Internship Program
2010-06-21CReSIS Middle School Program
2010-06-05Women of ColorNSF
2010-05-24Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine Polar Science
2010-04-16UNH URC 2010
2010-04-13NSF Reverse Site VisitNSF
2010-04-08ADMI 2010
2010-03-02Spring Distinguished LectureIEEE/CReSISDr. D. Goodenough
2010-02-01MST Research Week 2010
2009-12-14AGU Fall MeetingAGU
2009-12-03NSF Partnership Strategy MeetingNSF
2009-11-21SNCURCS 2009
2009-11-14Super Computing 2009
2009-11-03Internship Roundtable
2009-10-29Fall Distinguished Lecture SeriesCReSISDr. Sam Nwaneri
2009-10-19Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSA/CIA/NASADr. Lyrial Chism
2009-10-14NSF STC Educators ConferenceNSF
2009-09-25Buckland Elementary School Career Fair
2009-09-21MSI Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Conference
2009-08-03Watershed Watch 2009
2009-07-12IGARSS 2009 Cape Town South AfricaIEEE-GRSS
2009-06-24Teragrid 2009
2009-06-18CReSIS Middle School Program
2009-06-11Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine Polar Science
2009-04-17IEEE-GRSS Student Branch MeetingDr. Benjamin Branch
2009-04-17ADMI 2009
2009-04-0708-09 URE Closing
2009-04-04Dr. Hayden wins NAFEO NOBLE Laureate AwardNAFEO
2009-03-12NSF STEP Meeting 2009NSF
2009-03-03Spring Distinguished Lecture 2009Dr. Yaw A Twumasi
2009-02-20BEYA 2009
2009-02-092009 NSF KU Site VisitNSF
2009-02-07IPY New York 2009
2009-02-02Research Week 2009
2009-01-15FOCUS - Georgia Tech
2008-12-06e-Science 08-Indianapolis
2008-11-15Supercomputing 2008 - Austin
2008-11-11Internship RoundtableSandra Gibson
2008-11-05CI-Days @ UHD
2008-10-27AARSE 2008
2008-10-20Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSA/CIA/NASADr. Lelia Vann
2008-10-07CERSER Distinguished LectureDr. Gerald Benitz
2008-09-24International Polar Day - PeopleNSF
2008-09-15NSF Directors Meeting - CAUNSF
2008-07-21Chancellor''s Distinguished LectureMohan Munasinghe
2008-07-06IGARSS 2008 Boston MassachusettsIEEE-GRSS
2008-07-02Greenland Field Expedition - Polar GridNSF
2008-06-18CReSIS Middle School Program
2008-06-10Distinguished LectureDr. Allen West
2008-06-07Ocean Observing Educator Institute Workshop
2008-06-02Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine and Polar Science
2008-05-22Victory Elementary - Math Sprint
2008-04-22UNH URC ISE
2008-04-22Earth Day Celebration
2008-04-11Math Sprint - Camelot Elementary
2008-04-05URE Closing
2008-04-03ADMI 2008
2008-03-28SPCG Awards
2008-03-25CReSIS KU NSF Site VisitNSF
2008-02-27Polar Grid Staging - IU
2008-02-19IEEE-GRSS Spring Distinguished Lecture SeriesDr. Richard Moore
2008-02-14Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference
2008-02-04Research Week 2008
2008-01-30New York City International Polar Weekend
2008-01-22Polar Grid Strategy Session - IUNSF
2008-01-17Georgia Tech FOCUS
2008-01-13NSF Building Effective Virtual Organizations WorkshopNSF
2008-01-03Cyberinfrastructure Days @ ECSU
2007-11-28Richard Zimmerman LectureDr. Richard Zimmerman
2007-11-10Supercomputing 2007
2007-11-10Spelman Computer ScIence OlympiadNSUSpelman
2007-11-08CERSER Fall Distinguished Lecture SeriesDr. Derrick Lampkin
2007-11-06Internship RoundtableURERoberta Shaw
2007-11-02Infinite Possibilities Conference
2007-11-01Black Executive Exchange Programs (BEEP)NOAA
2007-10-24CReSIS Fall Seminar SeriesNSF
2007-10-20SMST Homecoming Reception
2007-10-16Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSA/NOAADr. Cynthia Warrick
2007-10-10UNC Board of Governors visit Polar Grid
2007-10-09Distinguished Lecture SeriesECSU SMSTDr. Lee De Cola
2007-09-25ODU R/V Fay Slover
2007-08-08CReSIS All-Hands RetreatNSF
2007-07-23IGARSS 2007 Barcelona SpainIEEE-GRSS
2007-07-09CI-TEAM Community Building WorkshopNSF
2007-06-18CReSIS Middle School Program 2007
2007-06-13Faculty Staff Orientation/Institute
2007-06-04TeraGrid ''07NSF
2007-06-01Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine Polar Science
2007-05-17Appalachian Forum on Undergraduate StudentsUNC
2007-05-10Agassiz Annual InstituteClimate Research Inst.
2007-05-092007 Spring Seminar Series - You be the Polar ScientistCReSISDr. Don Worster
2007-05-01Math Sprint - Camelot Elementary
2007-04-25UNH Undergraduate Research Conference
2007-04-19Math Sprint - Treakle Elementary School
2007-04-17Research in the CapitalUNC
2007-04-17URE Closing Program
2007-04-13Watershed Watch Planning Session II');
2007-04-112007 Spring Seminar Series - You be the Polar ScientistCReSISDr. Robert Bindschadler
2007-04-092007 Information Assurance Symposium - Hampton UniversityHampton University
2007-04-04Math Sprint - Treakle Elementary School 2
2007-03-212007 Spring Seminar Series - You be the Polar ScientistCReSISDr. Seppo Korpela
2007-03-21NSF STC Broadening Participation WorkshopNSF
2007-03-19IEEE-GRSS Distinguished Lecture Series/STELLA WorkshopIEEEDr. Robert Bindschadler
2007-03-13CReSIS KU NSF Site VisitCReSIS
2007-03-082007 Spring Seminar Series - You be the Polar ScientistCReSISDr. James Fleming
2007-02-20CReSIS Advisory Board Meeting
2007-02-12Research Week 2007
2007-02-08ADMI 2007
2007-01-29Open Grid Forum 19
2007-01-25Preparing for Graduate SchoolNapoleon Paxton
2007-01-16NC Space Grant VisitNASA
2007-01-11FOCUS 2007 Atlanta
2006-12-14Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSA/NOAADr. Cynthia Warrick
2006-11-30Dr. Vadim Raskin Retirement Reception
2006-11-182nd FutureTech Conference-NSUNSF
2006-11-17Aviation Science Program Strategy MeetingNASA
2006-11-14Martin Luther King Memorial Groundbreaking
2006-11-04School of MST Homecoming Reception
2006-11-02Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP)NOAA
2006-10-30UAF Collaboration Meeting
2006-10-24Internship RoundtableURESandra Gibson
2006-10-19CERSER Distinguished LectureCERSERDr. Geoffrey Fox
2006-10-12Watershed Watch Fall SymposiumNSF
2006-10-03SECOORA Regional Workshop-UNHNASANOAA
2006-09-26West Antarctic Ice Sheet initiative (WAIS) WorkshopNSF/NASA
2006-09-21National Security Agency visits ECSUNSADr. Michelle Wagner
2006-09-15Minorities in Research Science Conference
2006-09-12SECOORA Workshop-Jacksonville
2006-07-31IGARSS 2006 Denver ColoradoIEEE-GRSS
2006-07-31Burroughs Wellcome ProjectBWF
2006-07-06NTA National Conference & 80th Anniversary CelebrationNTA
2006-06-26UNH Ocean Observing Educator Institute WorkshopONR
2006-06-21CReSIS Middle School ProgramNSF
2006-06-19Treakle Elementary Math SprintNASA
2006-06-10Watershed Watch Summer InstituteNSF
2006-05-25Parkview Math Sprint IINASA
2006-05-21Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine ScienceONR/NOAA/CReSIS
2006-05-19ADMI Symposium
2006-05-19Camelot Math SprintNASA
2006-05-10Waters Middle School Math SprintNASA
2006-05-02Trigg Community School Math Sprint/YBTSNASA
2006-04-26UNH Undergraduate Research Conference
2006-04-20NSF STEP Grantees MeetingNSF
2006-04-20Honors Convocation
2006-04-19SPCG Awards Banquet
2006-04-11ONR Final ReportsONR
2006-03-23CReSIS at NC-LSAMP 2006NSF
2006-03-20Career Role Model Day 2006
2006-03-15NSF HRD JAM 2006NSF
2006-03-13NSF Site Visit University of KansasNSF
2006-03-07Distinguished Lecture SeriesIEEEDr. Ken Jezek
2006-03-06Remote Sensing Explorers::WebcastNASAHurtt/Rock
2006-03-03IEEE-USA Awards CeremonyIEEE
2006-02-26CReSIS Advisory Board MeetingNSF
2006-02-06Research Week 2006
2006-01-19Math Sprint - Parkview ElementaryNASA
2006-01-10ECSU-Morgan State Collaboration Meeting
2005-12-21Research in AntarcticaNSF
2005-12-01Internship RoundtableONRSandra Gibson
2005-11-1119th CCSC Southeastern Conference
2005-11-11IEEE-GRSS Fall Distinguished Lecture SeriesCERSER/GRSS/ONRDr. Janet Campbell
2005-11-03Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) 2005NOAAVincent Meeks
2005-11-02RS Explorers Strategy SessionNASA
2005-10-25Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSA/NOAACarmella Watkins
2005-10-13ADMI Symposium-Rincon-Puerto RicoONR
2005-09-29National Technical Association ConferenceNTA
2005-09-292005 West Antarctic Ice Sheet Initiative WorkshopNSF
2005-08-24Dr. Sobhy Atalla VisitCAIRO
2005-07-25IGARSS 2005 Seoul KoreaONR
2005-07-08DLESE Annual MeetingNASA
2005-06-27UNH Teachers Workshop
2005-06-20ECSU UNH Memorandum of Understanding SigningNASA
2005-05-30Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine Space ScienceONR
2005-05-252005 Math Sprint CompetitionsNASA
2005-05-24NSF Visit to CERSERNSF
2005-05-18NASA''s Earth Science Education Community MeetingNASA
2005-05-17Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal EnvironmentsONR
2005-05-11NOAA Data and Information Users ConferenceNOAA
2005-04-12Posters on the Hill 2005NOAA/ONR/NASA
2005-03-29IEEE-GRSS Formatting WorkshopONR
2005-03-16ECOUS 2005 SymposiumONR
2005-03-03ECSU Globe @ H. L. Trigg Community SchoolNASA
2005-03-03IEEE-GRSS Distinguished Lecture SeriesCERSER/GRSS/ONRDr. Scott Hensley
2005-02-21ECSU MST Research Week 2005MST/ECSU/NASA
2005-02-03NOAA EEP LectureNOAARoberta Shaw
2004-12-20AGU Fall Meeting-San FranciscoNOAA
2004-11-18IEEE-GRSS Fall 04 Distinguished Lecture SeriesNASA/GRSS/ONRDr. Phillip Dustan
2004-11-17Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSAJulie Stamper
2004-11-11Shadow Day for Beaufort InternsNOAA
2004-11-09Internship RoundtableONR
2004-11-08NTA 2004 at TuskegeeNOAA/NASA/ONR
2004-11-04NOAA EEP ProgramNOAA
2004-10-21NOAA EPP Education & Science ForumNOAA
2004-10-18University of Kansas NSF Site Visit MeetingNSF
2004-10-18AARSE Remote Sensing Conference-NairobiONR/GRSS
2004-10-08CReSIS LectureNSFDr. G. Prescott
2004-09-27Census Workshop 2004ONR/GRSS
2004-09-20IGARSS 2004 Anchorage AlaskaONR/GRSS
2004-07-28ESSEA Annual Program ReviewNASA
2004-07-19HBCU GIS WorkshopNASA
2004-06-28GoMoos Educators WorkshopNASA
2004-06-03NSIP Awards Ceremony @ Camelot ElementaryNASA
2004-05-26A Morning at ECSU''s CERSER Lab
2004-05-20ADMI 2004ONR
2004-05-18GIS-Arcview Training with Dr. Chunlei FanURE/ONR
2004-05-17Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine ScienceURE/ONR
2004-05-12Video Conference Training PVAMUNASA
2004-05-062003 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science-Mathematics and EngineeringNSF
2004-04-30Math Sprint Competitions Spring 2004NASA
2004-04-22Explore ECSUNASA
2004-04-154th Annual TSU Research SymposiumNASA
2004-04-05Shadow Day for Beaufort InternsNOAA
2004-03-23MESSENGER For K-8 Teachers and Education MajorsNASA
2004-03-22COOS/IOOS Education WorkshopNASA
2004-03-09SPCG Awards BanquetECSU
2004-03-02Spring 2004 GRSS Distinguished LectureCERSER/GRSSDr. Keith Raney
2004-02-13In Pursuit of Freedom - The Great Dismal Swamp and the Underground RailroadNASA
2004-02-12University of New Hampshire Visits ECSUNASA
2004-01-24YBTS @ Enfield Middle SchoolNASA
2004-01-22NOAA-EPP Entrepreneurship SeminarNOAA
2004-01-15FOCUS 2004ONR
2004-01-14YBTS @ Elizabeth City Middle SchoolNASA
2004-01-09YBTS Careers and College Seminar/WatersNASA
2004-01-01ECSU and NSIP SchoolsNASA
2003-12-27Technical Outreach to Windsor NCNASA
2003-12-15Marine Mammal ConferenceONR
2003-12-03Globe Hydrology WorkshopNASA
2003-11-217th Annual DoE EPSCor and LS-LAMP Student Research Conf.NASA
2003-11-15YBTS @ Enfield Middle SchoolONR
2003-11-12CERSER Fall ConferenceCERSER/GRSS
2003-10-30ECSU Internship Roundtable
2003-10-21Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSADr. Kathleen Fischer
2003-10-08Community Viz Training for Pasquotank County Government
2003-09-27Gems visits BeaufortNOAA
2003-09-12Women of Color Awards-Nashville TennesseeONR
2003-08-042003 Earth Science Summer ProgramNASA
2003-07-21IGARSS 2003 Toulouse FranceONR/GRSS
2003-07-17Globe Hydrology WorkshopNASA
2003-07-07Math-Science-Technology Enrichment Program
2003-06-18HBCU/MI ONR Program ReviewONR
2003-06-13Ronald McNair Program - HTML Training
2003-06-10Mid-Atlantic Marine Conference - NorfolkONR
2003-06-06Earth System Science for Elementary TeachersNASA
2003-06-06Joint Society Conference on Increasing Diversity in the Earth and Space SciencesNASA
2003-06-03YBTS at Waters Middle SchoolNASA
2003-06-01Black Creativity 2003ONR
2003-05-30Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA) Conference - Port LudlowNASA
2003-05-30ADMI 2003
2003-05-27Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine Space ScienceONR
2003-05-22Dr. Kathleen Fischer and Globe at H. L. Trigg Community SchoolNASA
2003-05-12Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing WorkshopONR/NASA
2003-05-10ECSU CommencementECSU
2003-05-03YBTS and GPS at Enfield Middle SchoolNASA
2003-04-29YBTS @ W. E. Waters Middle SchoolNASA
2003-04-17NRTS PI MeetingNASA
2003-04-11NASA/TSU/NSF ConferenceNASA
2003-04-04SEA - Dr. Dwayne WilliamsNOAA
2003-03-30Expanding Opportunities Conference - Florida A&MNOAA
2003-03-28NASA Pre-Service Teachers Conference - AlexandriaNASA
2003-03-22NRTS Distinguished Lecture SeriesNASADr. Julian Earls
2003-03-17NASA Science Week at Bennett CollegeNASA
2003-03-04Dr. Sonia Gallegos - WebcastNASA/GRSS/ONR
2003-03-04GRSS Distinguished Lecture SeriesNASA/GRSS/ONRDr. Sonia Gallegos
2003-03-04CERSER Grand OpeningNASA/GRSS/ONR
2003-02-27YBTS @ Churchland Middle SchoolNASA
2003-02-20YBTS @ W.E. Waters Middle SchoolNASA
2003-02-13Globe @ H.L. Trigg Marine ScienceNASA
2003-02-11Black Family Technology Night at Memorial Missionary Baptist ChurchNASA
2003-02-06The Globe Program and H. L. Trigg Community SchoolNASA
2003-01-20Egyptian Physics ConferenceCAIRO
2003-01-15Third International Conference on Science Mathematics and Technology EducationONR
2003-01-12FOCUS 2003 AtlantaONR
2002-12-16Pixoneer: EARTH Training WorkshopONR/GRSS
2002-12-12YBTS at ECMSNASA
2002-12-09Satellite Direct Readout ConferenceNASA
2002-11-21Internship RoundtableONR/NASA
2002-11-21Visiting Lecture - Dr. W. MackeyNASA
2002-10-29Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSADr. Eleanor Green Dawley-Jones
2002-10-23GLOBE Teacher Hydrology Investigations WorkshopNASA
2002-10-07CERSER Training and Partner Strategy MeetingCERSER/NASA
2002-08-13Pixoneer visits CERSERCERSER
2002-08-04Historically Black College and University Summer Faculty GIS WorkshopCERSER/NASA
2002-07-23ESS Online Course Training Workshop-Wheeling WVNASA
2002-07-12Calvary Christian at the Virginia Air & Space CenterNASA
2002-07-10Sea Education Diversity Workshop CruiseNOAA
2002-06-24IGARSS 2002 Toronto CanadaONR/GRSS
2002-06-21Earth System Science AcademyNASA
2002-06-14Off to a Flying Start at the Virginia Air & Space CenterNASA
2002-06-12NOAA Entrepreneurship Grant Collaborative MeetingNOAA
2002-06-10Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean and Marine Science 2002URE/ONR
2002-06-02Remote Sensing Workshop in WeslacoNASA
2002-06-01Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine ScienceONR
2002-05-18You Be the Scientist at the Virginia Air & Space MuseumNASA
2002-04-18Second Annual NASA/NSF/TSU Research SymposiumNASA
2002-04-1893rd Annual AACR Meeting San FranciscoONR/NASA
2002-04-05NASA/CET/ECSU Underground Railroad Video Dissemination MeetingNASA
2002-03-18TeraScan Conference at the SeaSpace CorporationONR
2002-03-17GLOBE Train the Trainers WorkshopNASA
2002-03-14Satellites in our Everyday World-UNC Asheville NOAANASA
2002-02-21An Evening with Mae Jemison-Old Dominion UniversityONR/NASA
2002-02-20NRTS Partner Strategy Meeting and PresentationsNASA
2002-02-13SPCG Awards BanquetECSU
2002-02-12Black Family Technology Awareness WeekNASA
2002-01-19You Be the Scientist at Brawley and Enfield Middle SchoolsNASA
2002-01-11Coalition for Earth Science Education (CESE) Annual MeetingNASA
2001-12-22Writing Winning ProposalsECSU
2001-12-15ECMS YBTS visits Virginia Air and Space CenterNASA
2001-12-10Computer Repair WorkshopNASA
2001-12-07Technical Outreach Summer 2002 Computer Enrichment ProgramNASA
2001-11-27National Weather Service PresentationNOAA
2001-11-08Dr. Benita Bell WebcastNASA
2001-11-08NRTS Awards BanquetNASA
2001-11-08PAIR Summit 2002NASA
2001-11-08SOARS Conference 2002ONR/NASA
2001-10-26K-12 Technology and Satellite Imagery TrainingNASA
2001-10-11Dr. Lawrence DeLucas-Visiting LectureNASA
2001-10-01NC Coastal Habitat Protection Plan Implementation Support through DirectedNOAA
2001-09-28Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSADr. Debbie Gochenaur
2001-09-14Dr. Billy Joe Evans-University of Michigan-Ann Arbor WebcastONR
2001-08-07Repair and Troubleshooting ComputersNASA
2001-07-20Community Center Technology Workshop 2001NASA
2001-07-16Open Door Christian Fellowship Community Center-NASA TourNASA
2001-07-16You Be the Scientist with Satellite Imagery Summer Program W.E. Waters Middle SchoolNASA
2001-07-10IGARSS 2001 Sydney AustraliaNASA
2001-06-01Mable Eason Technology Center 2001NASA
2001-06-01Crystal Growth-Summer Internship-University of AlabamaNASA
2001-06-01Summer REU-URE in Ocean Marine ScienceURE/ONR
2001-06-01NOAA Research Participation ProgramNOAA
2001-06-01NASA Lecture Series - Dr. Charles SunNOAA/NASA
2001-05-01Kathryn Clark LectureGRSS/ONR
2001-04-24ECSU Astronomy DayNASA
2001-04-01Expanding Opportunities in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences ConferenceNOAA
2001-03-23NASA-Tennessee State University Research SymposiumNASA
2001-03-20NASA Lecture Series - DeLucasNASA
2000-11-16Aerospace WebcastNASA
2000-11-16NSTA Eastern Area ConferenceNASA
2000-10-27Fall Training WorkshopNASA
2000-10-22Partnering for SuccessNASA
2000-10-19Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSADr. Margery Coulson-Clark
2000-10-18ECSU Community Development ProgramNASA
2000-09-28Dr. Andro's Visit to ECSUNASA
2000-09-27Women of NASA Satellite TeleconferencesNASA
2000-09-21Department of Commerce ConferenceNOAA
2000-09-11MU-SPIN 10th Annual Users ConferenceNASA
2000-08-30Dr. Earl R. Barnes LectureNASA
2000-08-29MU-SPIN Tenth AnniversaryNASA
2000-08-11Mabel Eason Technology Outreach Awards Ceremony ProgramNASA
2000-08-01Repair and Troubleshooting Computers WorkshopNASA
2000-07-24IGARSS 2000 Honolulu HawaiiONR/GRSS
2000-07-13Team NCATECSU
2000-07-03Cooper Elementary Flying Start ProgramNASA
2000-06-19Perquimans County TrainingNASA
2000-06-12Computer Mapping and GIS WorkshopNASA
2000-06-01NASA Educator Resource Center AppointmentsNASA
2000-06-01ADMI 2000ONR
2000-06-01Learning Internet and Networking KnowledgeNASA
2000-06-01NRTS Langley High School InternshipNASA
2000-05-22JAVA Programming WorkshopNASA
2000-05-22Repair and Troubleshooting Macintosh ComputersNASA
2000-05-19Earth System Science AcademyNASA
2000-05-10Webcast from HawaiiNASA
2000-04-21Project A.T.O.M Partner MeetingNASA
2000-04-12National Council of Teachers of MathematicsNASA
2000-04-09National Volunteer Week at I.C. NorcomNASA
2000-04-06NASA Millennium SymposiumNASA
2000-04-05NSTA ConferenceNASA
2000-04-04ECSU Technology Expo 2000NASA
2000-03-19MU-SPIN November WorkshopNASA
2000-03-17Spring Training 2000NASA
2000-03-13Taylorsville Technology CenterNASA
2000-02-02Earth Science Education Funding Announcement VideoconferenceNASA
2000-01-13MU-SPIN Project Planning MeetingNASA
1999-12-20Repair and Troubleshooting Macintosh ComputersNASA
1999-12-12Mabel Eason Outreach Technology Center DedicationNASA
1999-12-09Space Mission Involvement VideoconferenceNASA
1999-11-14Earth System Science Education Conference in AustinNASA
1999-11-10NASA OSS Workshop held at SCSUNASA
1999-11-05Learning Technologies ConferenceNASA
1999-11-04AVS Visualization Training for University PartnersNASA
1999-10-22Satellite Imagery TrainingNASA
1999-10-18Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSA
1999-10-07CGI WorkshopNASA
1999-06-30McNair Group Webpage Development TrainingMcNair
1999-06-25Pre-Calculus and Calculus InstituteECSU
1999-06-14CERTL Work sessionNASA
1999-06-01NASA High School InternsNASA
1999-06-01LINKS Summer CampNASA
1999-05-28Earth System Science AcademyNASA
1999-05-24November Meeting at GSFCNASA
1999-04-09NRTS HBCU/MI Partners Meeting at PembrokeNASA
1999-03-20Girls Can Too!!!NASA
1999-03-19Learning Technologies WorkshopNASA
1999-03-10Satellites In Education ConferenceNASA
1999-02-24Volunteers Appreciation LuncheonNASA
1999-02-23ECMS Science FairNASA
1999-02-07NRTS HBCU/MI Partners Meeting at NSUNASA
1999-01-14MU-SPIN Project Planning MeetingNASA
1999-01-05Dawson Elementary School TrainingNASA
1998-11-06K-12 Learning Technologies WorkshopNASA
1998-10-20NASA 8th Annual MU-SPIN ConferenceNASA
1998-10-03Coalition for Earth Science Education 1998NASA
1998-07-01Summer Program for Secondary Schools 1998NASA
1998-04-23Take Our Daughters to Work DayNASA
1998-02-03Black History Month LectureCAIRO
1998-01-27Authorware by Macromedia Training WorkshopCAIRO
1997-10-28Celebration of Women in MathematicsAWM/NSF
1997-07-26Technology Scholars Program For GirlsNASA
1997-06-23Learning Internet & Networking Knowledge (LINK)NASA
1997-06-17Earth System Science Summer AcademyNASA
1997-06-09Elizabeth City Middle School Student Internet WorkshopNASA
1997-05-24Halifax County Schools Internet and World Wide Web WorkshopNASA
1997-05-16Hertford Educators WorkshopNASA
1997-05-13Goals 2000 WorkshopNASA
1997-05-12Designing and Implementing Local Area NetworksNASA
1996-06-24Summer Program for Secondary SchoolsNASA
1996-05-15Emily Spong Earth & Science Elementary Presentation DayNASA
1996-04-26Virginia State University Site VisitNASA

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