Webcast Highlights
Dr. Benita Bell,
NASA Administrator's Fellow
The Webcast was held on Nov. 8, 2001 11am - 11:45am. The Webcast focused on improving understanding of opportunities and research within NASA's newest enterprise. Dr. Benita Bell is currently on the faculty of Bennett College in Greensboro where she teaches in the Department of Chemistry. She is involved in an ongoing soy research pilot project (clinical study) with NASA's Tuskegee University that explores the role of soy isoflavones in coronary heart disease and the immune system. She produced a NASA Position Paper that evaluates the current data on soy and developes a Position on the soy isoflavones and their biochemical effect on the immune response and other chronic diseases that could occur during long duration space missions. She was a member of the 1999 NASA Administrator's Fellow Cohort. While serving at NASA HQ she was a liason to the Office of Biological and Physical Research.

NASA's office of Biological and Physical Research (OBPR) conducts peer reviewed interdisciplinary, fundamental and applied research to address the opportunites and challenges to NASA that are provided by the space environment and the human exploration of space. The Enterprise researches two fundamental questions basic to our future. How can human existence expand beyond the home planet to achieve maximum benefits from space? How do fundamental laws of nature shape the evolution of life?

Sponsored by the MU-SPIN Office of Goddard Space Flight Center,
Elizabeth City State University, Bennett College and North Carolina AandT University
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