National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics
Annual Meeting
April 12-15, 2000
Chicago, Illinois
Top Left: Dr. Georgia Lawrence, Professor of Mathematics Education
Below: Photographs from NCTM Annual Meeting
Session Descriptions
Higher Standards for our Students, Higher Standards for Ourselves:Principals and Standards for School Mathematics 2000

At the opening session as NCTM President Glenda Lappan unveiled "Principals and Standards for School Mathematics" to the membership. The opening session featured a multimedia presentation highlighting the main messages of the document, showcasing the power of the electronic format and showing how this current effort builds on the council's past successes.

All attendees at the opening session received a memento commemorating this important milestone in NCTM's decade of providing Standards for educators and students.
Status Check: How are we Addressing the Needs of Urban Communities in Mathematics Education?

This panel will raise issues related to meeting the mathematical education needs of urban communities. What are we doing to empower students mathematically in urban communities? How are we addressing issues such as uncertified and unprepared teachers, insufficient funds, and the disconnection between schools and communities at the elementary level? What are the success stories or tragedies related to mathematics achievement?
When Does Technology Short-Circuit Mathematical Thinking?

Engage in activities using different technologies and will discuss under what situations mathematical thinking will be short-circuited. This discussion will suggest teaching guidelines for implementing technology into the mathematics curriculum.
A Multimedia Fractal and Chaos Presentation That Will Infuse You with Amazement

Rare is the student who is not fascinated by the beauty of fractals, or the teacher who is not captivated by the suprises of chaos. Multiple media will be used to illustrate the interplay between fractals and chaos, and their connection with mathematics and our world.
Empowering Girls through Technology Use

Janese Swanson's doctoral research on childrens play patterns and use of technology revealed that girls are starting to shy away from technology, which will detract from their future career opportunities; girls enjoy and will play with technology toys and software that are developed with girl's interests in mind; it is important to help girls become comfortable with technology before they hit the confusing teenage years. Technology is becoming increasingly integral to our lives. It is vital for young girls to become familiar with technology and positive role models if they are to reach their full potential in today's society. Swanson will discuss her research findings and strategies for encouraging girls in technology use.
Graphic Games: From Lines to Trig Waves

Games can enable learning when used as rewards, reinforcement, and to introduce a topic. To demonstrate graphic techniques, games and activities will be illustrated for linear equations, function transformations, conics, and trigonometric waves.

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