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April 11 and 13, 2006 saw the end of the 2005-2006 Office of Naval Research NERT program with the presentation of the final reports for each research team. The titles of this year's reports were:

  • Estimating Firn Emissivity, from 1994 to1998, at the Ski Hi Automatic Weather Station on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Using Passive Microwave Data - Polar Ice Team
  • Relationship of Ice Crack Morphology of the Southern Greenland Ice Sheet to Iceberg Calving in the North Atlantic - Geoscience Team
  • Deploying Wireless Technology in the Technology Buildings on the Campus of Elizabeth City State University - Networking Team
  • Automated Approach of Cataloguing TeraScan Images Utilizing Active Server Pages - Multimedia Team
  • The Impact on Students learning open source software to Analyze TCP Traffic - UNIX Team
  • Biological Response to Coastal Upwellings - Remote Sensing Team 1
  • TeraScan Satellite Data Images - Remote Sensing Team 2

Reports and research conducted for each team can be found at the links above.

April 11, 2006
Multimedia Team
Wireless Networking
Unix Team
April 13, 2006
Remote Sensing - Upwellings
Remote Sensing - TeraScan
Remote Sensing - Polar Ice
NERT POB 672 ECSU Elizabeth City, NC 27909