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2017-2018 Events and Research Teams
Summer 2017 Internships
Spring 2018 Schedule
Fall 2017 Schedule
2017-2018 URE Students
Internship Roundtable
NTA Conference
Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility
IBM Hackathon
NASA 100th Anniversary
Gateway Computing Environments Conference
MUREP Other Opportunities Annual Principal Investigator Meeting
Fall Distinguished Lecture Series
GRS29: Leadership Workshop
Research Team - Mathematics Education
Research Team - Science Gateway
Research Team - Tensorflow
Research Team - Mathematics
Research Team - TeraScan

2016-2017 Events and Research Teams
Summer 2016 Internships
Spring 2017 Schedule
2016-2017 URE Students
National Technical Association Conference
Internship Roundtable
International Conference of the AARSE
Research Team - Web Development
Research Team - Neural Networks
Research Team - Unmanned Aerial System
Research Team - GPR
Research Team - GLOBE
Research Team - TeraScan
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