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Graduate Success Alliance

    The Graduate Success Alliance (GSA) is an entity formed of students whom have received their undergraduate degrees from Elizabeth City State University and have gone on to pursue graduate degrees.  The schools that are currently a part of this most group are North Carolina A&T State University and Hampton University.  There are several students attending these universities obtaining their degrees in science related fields such as:
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
These students represent the very best that Elizabeth City State University has to offer and have ventured on to enlighten the world about the many strengths and talents that are contained by Elizabeth City State University's most valuable asset. . . . it's students.Through this website, GSA hopes to introduce to you the successful graduates on their trek through their graduate experience and to give viewers a first hand look into the realm of graduate studies.  Also, GSA hopes to expand it's membership and affiliations to incorporate the many other universities offering graduate programs, especially in math and science.Currently their are several students that are members of GSA.  Information on each student can be viewed below.  This information has been gathered to help showcase the attributes of current graduates and offer a limited view into the life and times of a graduate student.Current GSA Members:
If you are a science graduate of Elizabeth City State University and would like to become a GSA member, please e-mail Dr. Linda Hayden and request additional information.
Elizabeth City State University does not endorse, sponsor or provide material located on this site.