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Dr. Johnnie B. Cannon
Director, Strategic Planning, Security Directorate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Robert L. Curbeam Jr.
NASA Johnson Space Center

Dr. Bobby L. Wilson
Provost/VP Academic Affairs
Texas Southern University

NTA 2005

On September 29-31, three students from Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) attended the National Technical Association’s (NTA) 77th National Conference and Technical Career Opportunity Fair held in Houston Texas. Representing ECSU at the conference were Bryce Campbell, Kaiem Frink, and Karitsa Williams. These students were able to present their research from the summer of 2005 and the academic year 04-05 during the conference. This year's theme was "Energy Within: Powering Earth & Beyond ".

Honorary Chairman

Attendees with Dr. Lupton, xxx, and Mr. Robinson

The Honorary Chairman of this year's conference was the Honorable Al Green, US House of Representatives, 9th Congressional District (TX). Congressman Green was born in New Orleans, Louisiana where his parents taught him the importance of education and instilled in him the drive and determination to succeed. Congressman Green graduated from Florida A&M University in 1971 and went on to attend Tuskegee Institute of Technology. In 1974, Congressman Green earned his law degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, where he later served as an instructor.

Attendees with Dr. Lupton, xxx, and Mr. Robinson

Trip Report
Kaiem Frink
ECSU Research Student

On September 29, 2005 through October 2, 2005 three students from ECSU attended the 2005 National Technical Association 77th Annual National Conference & Technical Career Opportunity Fair which was held in Houston Texas. This year’s theme was Energy within Powering Earth & Beyond. Kaiem Frink in addition to Karitsa Williams participated in the Oral Presentation as well as Frink participated in the Poster Presentation Session. Kaiem Frink research was from his Freshmen Academic year research while a member of Multimedia Team in the Office of Naval Research. Bryce Carmichael was also in attendance at this conference. On Friday, September 30, 2005, there was a workshop titled Technical Writing and the instructor was Judy Glick-Smith, of The GlickSmith Group, Inc. Ms. Smith during her presentation mentioned that she was a past president of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). This is the world’s largest professional association for technical communicators till this day. Another workshop was Time Management Strategies & Solutions by Scott Holyoak, Baker Communications   This conference brought together the sciences, researchers, academics, Technical Achievers, the government communities as well as engineers to discuss advancements and opportunities for continued research in the Technical area of research which can and are related to the various sciences. Scientists and research faculty, particularly from Minority Serving Institutions, discussed future research and possibilities during certain research. There were various intuitions of Higher Education in attendance at NTA Conference 2005. The University and or college that were in attendance were, Clark Atlanta University, Morgan State University, Texas Southern University, Florida A&M University, Elizabeth City State University, NASA/Glenn Research Center), Tennessee State University, Howard University, Virginia Commonwealth University, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Florida A&M University, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, , Cuyahoga Community College, Prairie View A&M University. Students were able to explore their interests in related NTA areas. As well as the students were able to interact with scientists, academicians and professional’s engineers, Astronauts, Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, Directors, Strategic Planning, Security Directorate, US House of Representatives.  

There were research projects that consisted of Developing Software for Safety-Critical Systems from Cynthia Calhoun of NASA Glenn Research Center, Discussion of Using a Reconfigurable Processor to Implement the Discrete Fourier Transform from Michael J. White, of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Howard University. Object Tracking and Data Production for Situational Awareness and Synthetic Battlefield Applications from Hamzat Kassim of Morgan State University. The presentations at the NTA conference allowed me to distinguish what type of competition is out in the real world. I say this for the reason that I pick up on do’s and don’t of a conference. There were students there incorporating religious beliefs within there presentations as well as others who “thanked the NTA conference for getting them out of two tests. This demonstrates the level of excellence we are held up to here at ECSU in the various programs with Dr. Hayden.  

The Guest speakers were, Dr. Johnnie B. Cannon Director, Strategic Planning, Security Directorate Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Robert L. Curbeam Jr. Astronaut, NASA Johnson Space Center Commander. Curbeam said during the luncheon “to not be good in many fields but pick one field and become an expert in that field so that this way you will allow yourself to be indispensable. Commander Curbeam elaborated on his expedition in space with video footage and what’s it like to use the restroom in space, Dr. Bobby L. Wilson Provost/VP Academic Affairs, Texas Southern University. Then the Honorable Al Green US House of Representatives, 9th congressional District (TX), Mr. Green was an inspirational speaker in my opinion. Mr. Green touched on key aspects of being a male minority in today’s society. Mr. Green stated that “if you think it’s hard now just imagine how it was when I was coming up”. Listening to these words of wisdom just lets me know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that if you surround yourself with the right people then the world is yours for the taking.

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