On August 24, 2005, Dr. Sobhy Atalla, Professor of Physics from the Fayoum University in Egypt, visited the campus of Elizabeth City State University to demonstrate the latest version of the physics educational software package to the staff at ECSU. The development of this package began several years ago with the joint efforts of Elizabeth City State University and the University of Cairo. Several visits have been made by both the University and Dr. Atalla in order to develop the collaboration. The package is made to be a standalone or classroom physics piece that students can view and interact with. Dr. Atalla's visit was to demonstrate a new component, "concept mapping", which has been used to enhance the softwares delivery. Attending the demonstration were Dr. Linda Hayden, Director of the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER), Dr. Ephraim Gwebu and Dr. Althea Bluiett of the Physics Department, and Dr. Vinod Manglik and Ms. Shayla Brooks of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department.