Dr. Linda Hayden seated. Left to right: Mrs. Amie Aydlett, Sharon Saunders, Lee Bond, Kimberly Wright, Dr. S. R. Atalla, Joe Ganci and Joal Hathaway. Dr. Atalla meeting with North Carolina State University Physics Education Project faculty. NCSC Team members include Aaron Titus, Robert Beichner and Larry Martin.
Project Summary
A seed grant has been awarded jointly to Cairo University and Elizabeth City State University, the U.S. Counterpart University. The U.S. Researcher will assist members of Cairo University in developing computer-aided models for students in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. The U.S. Researcher will help in analyzing computer hardware needs and will provide training on the software and hardware for Egyptian researchers. Dr. Linda Hayden serves as the U.S. Researcher while Dr. S.R. Atala serves as the Egyptian Researcher.

Egyptian faculty will use Authorware and Director by Macromedia to develop training modules for first-and second-year students at Cairo University. U.S. Counterpart will help to conduct training sessions in the United States and in Cairo for Egyptian researchers

The goal will be to create modules compatible with all major textbooks in physics,chemistry, mathematics and biology. Modules will include a built-in editor to allow for addition of other materials; text and animation to illustrate and demonstrate the lesson in a step-by-step fashion with concepts, graphics, shapes and with sound effects.