Name: Sobhy Ragab Atalla

Date of Birth: June 20, 1942

Marital Status: Married(Two Children)

Address: Misr Development Co., Sheraton Heliopolis, 1st Region, Blg. 27, App. 13.

Telephone: 2661307-2912056


Moscow Power Institute, Diploma Engineer in Mechanical Engineering (Honors), (1964).

Moscow State University, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, 1971.

Professional Experiences:


Assoc. Prof., Cairo University, Fayoum Branch, Faculty of Science Dept. of Physics.

Education Development Group of Egypt, Cofounder, Consultant & Secretary.


Assoc. Prof., Egyptian Air Academy, Dept. of Science, 1986-1988, Belbeis, Egypt.

Technical Expert, Organization for energy planning (1985-1986), Cairo, Egypt.

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, College of Education, Abha Branch. King Saud University, 1978-1984, (Head of the Department 1981-1984).

Assistant Professor, Department of Scientific and Mathematical Studies. College of Education of Abha, Saudi Arabia(1976-1978).

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, A-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt(1973-1976).

Visiting Research fellow, Department of Physics, Helsinki University, Finland (December, 1971 - May, 1973).

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physics, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, 1965-1967.


A. Academic and Research:

1. As a result of research activities in USSR, Finland, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, I have 22 published papers and several others under publication.

2. Attended 10 international conferences of High Temperature Thermophysics in Europe and USA.

3. Co-Supervisor of 6 M.Sc.. and 1 Ph.D.. Dissertations Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

4. I took an active part in the design and elaboration of educational and research laboratories in Military Technical College, Al-Azhar University, King Saud University, Cairo University, Fayoum Branch, and Egyptian Air Academy, Belbeis, Egypt.

5. Initiation of research program at Fayoum Branch, Cairo University for the investigation of thermophysical properties of liquids and solids at low, medium and high temperatures.

B. Educational:

1. Different consulting activities with Telemedia, Inc. for the modernization program of the Egyptian Air Academy including 50 hours physics course videotaping, and writing Instructor Guide, Student Guide and laboratory Manual for Physics I, Physics II and Electricity courses as a part of "Program of Instruction" project of curriculum development at the Egyptian Air Academy, Belbeis, Egypt.

2. As head of the Physics Department, Abha Branch, King Saud University, I was responsible for the curriculum development, Computer Assisted Education, purchase and installation of lab equipment.

3. I wrote a book "Practical Physics Vol. 1", published by King Saud University Press, 1988(in Arabic).

C. Energy Conservation:

1. I attended three Energy Conservation Programs, Organization of Energy Planning, Egypt.

2. As Chairman of "Egypt Energy Consultant", I was the tea leader for the Energy Conservation Study of Major Glass and Ceramics Factories in the private sector in Egypt, 1989.

3. Member of the Energy Conservation Committee, Academy of Sciences and Technology, Egypt.

D. Miscellaneous:

1. "Rolex Awards Selected Projects List" 1976-1977, A project about "Radio Controlled Electronic Clock".

2. Head of "Hobbies Club", College of Education, Abha Branch, King Saud University, Activities: Computer, Electronics and Art.

3. Member Elect. of the New York Academy of Sciences.

4. Co-applicant of a patent. Negotiations about the manufacturing of this device are continuing.

5. Winner of "distinguished performance" prize, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. 1983.

6. Applied for a patent on "A novel energy conversion device", Sept. 1993.

7. Fluent in Arabic, Russian and English (with little French and German).