Multimedia Authoring with Authorware

Researchers: Angela Mizelle, Je'aime Powell, Jonathan Williams
Mentors: Jeff Wood, U.S. Coast Guard Base
and Dr. Atalla, University of Cairo

The N.E.R.T. Multimedia Group explored the world of interactive presentations through Authorware Software. First, the group learned Authorware basics by using the Macromedia Authorware 4 Authorized Hands-On Training booklet. Once the students had mastered the basic concept of Authorware, they then created their own story boards for an original presentation. The students' presentation was called, "Authorware: From Us to You." With this presentation, the students explained what Authorware is and its educational value. The primary audience was made up of fellow students who have not yet been exposed to this type of multimedia software. Students in the multimedia group also learned how to insert pictures, graphics, sounds and text into their original Authorware presentation. A field trip to the local United States Coast Guard Base allowed students to view several Authorware presentations created by staff at the USCG Media Center. While at the USCG, the students received other ideas and suggestions from Authorware users that enhanced the presentation. The second stage of this project will involve providing support for an Interactive Multimedia Physics Training Package under development by the University of Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian PI will spend four weeks at ECSU to train with the team. Packages generated will be used by the underclass physics majors at the Univeristy of Cairo.