On October 23rd, 2002, ECSU sponsored a teacher workshop as part of their GLOBE partnership. Mr. Ervin Howard, ECSU's GLOBE trainer, introduced teachers to one of the GLOBE Protocols entitled "Hydrology Investigation".

Hydrology is the study of water, one of the most critical resources on Earth. This training program enlightened the participating teachers' knowledge in measuring the quality of water on our established study site.

The training workshop involved learning eight hydrology protocols. Each protocol consists of lab activities and data-recording methodology. Each protocol concentrated in the following areas:

Temperature- Measuring the temperature of a water.
Transparency- Measuring the degree in which light penetrates water.
pH Level - Measuring the pH level of a water.
Conductivity- Measuring the level of electrical current in water.
Salinity- Measuring the level of salinity in water.
Alkalinity- Measuring the water's resistance to the lowering of pH when acids are added to water.
Dissolved Oxygen-Measuring the level of (O2) gas in water.
Nitrate- Measuring nitrate levels in water.