NRTS Awards Banquet
In conjunction with the SOARS Conference, a banquet honoring the NRTS scholars was held in Durham, North Carolina. The keynote speaker was Mr. James Harrington, the NASA MU-SPIN Project Manager at Goddard Space Flight Center.

2002-2003 Research Scholars
Baber, Cheickna
Bah, Ramatoulie
Bradley, Ian
Booker, Annette
Brown, Dana
Bullock, Kimberly
Davis, Vicnet
Graves Danielle
Hamilton, Joseph
Jones, Charles
McKenzie, Courtney
Newby, Golar
Richburg, Sheldon
Robinson, Spencer
Sawyer, Marsha
Seward, Carl
Smith, Eunice
Smith, Genee
Smith Tammy
Soaterra, Loisa
Veale, Nelson
Wiles, Theon
Williams, Charity
Creekmore, Linwood

NRTS Consortium-Higher Education Members
Bennett College
North Carolina A&T State University
University of NC at Pembroke
Fayetteville State University
Virginia State University
Hampton University
Norfolk State University
Elizabeth City State University

"After dinner, Mr. James Harrington, MU-SPIN Project Manager at the Goddard Space Flight Center, spoke briefly on the "Agenda for Environmental Research and Education". One point that he continually stressed was that "environmental research and education are key elements of global health and prosperity." Mr. Harrington also stated that "The most challenging scientific and engineering problems that we face at the beginning of the 21st century are environmental, including rapid climate and ecological change, degradation of freshwater resources, globalization of disease, threat of biological warfare and terrorism, and long term environmental security." At the conclusion of Mr. Harrington's talk, awardsa were distributed to the NRTS Research Scholars who would be presenting at the SOARS Conference on that Friday. Closing remarks were given by mr. Jose D'Arruda, Co-PI from the University of NC-Pembroke, Mr. Carl Seward from ECSU, and Mr. Sheldon Richburg from FSU."

Danielle Graves, ECSU Research Student