AVS Visualization Training
for University Partners
Nov. 4, 1999
Workshop Description

This class is designed to introduce the built-in features of AVS/Express (Visualization Edition) and to assist the participants with importing their data into AVS/Express.
Some of the topics covered in the class are:

  • Introduction to AVS/Express
  • The Network Editor and the Data Viewers
  • Importing Data
  • AVS/Express Visualization Techniques
  • Extensive consulting on importing participant's data into AVS/Express and applicable visualization techniques.

Basic UNIX skills and proficiency using a standard UNIX editor (vi or emacs) are prerequisites for this workshop.

The participants in this workshop are high performance computing users with large computational simulation or other scientific data sets. Participants were strongly encouraged to bring their own data to work with during the hands-on portion of this workshop.

Two day workshop.

This workshop consists of approximately 50% lecture and 50% hands on exercises.
The slides for the 2 day course are at:

The Lab materials are at:
(Training was a joint effort between Elizabeth City State University,
Norfolk State University and
The North Carolina Supercomputing Center)