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On Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004, Dr. Keith Raney was welcomed as the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Distinguished Lecturer for the Spring 2004 GRSS Chapter Meeting at Elizabeth City State University. Dr. Raney is a member of the Principal Professional Staff with the Space Department of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and is the Assistant Supervisor of the Ocean Remote Sensing Group. Dr. Raney's lecture was entitled "Mapping Sea Bottom Topography with Radar Altimetry from Space".

Following the lecture, the Northeastern North Carolina Chapter of the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) met in the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) labs in Dixon Hall . A research poster presentation session and refreshments completed the day.

GRSS Distinguished LectureSeveral of the ECSU faculty and guests with Dr. Raney.

From left to right:
Dr. Lei Zhang, ECSU
Dr. Krishna Kulkarni, ECSU
Dr. Johnny Houston, ECSU
Ms. Gloria Phoenix, NC A&T
Dr. Keith Raney, APL
Dr. Adegoke Ademiluyi, FSU
Dr. Bonita Ewers, ECSU
Dr. Cameron Wake, UNH
Dr. Linda Hayden, ECSU
(Principal Investigator for CERSER)



Dr Raney delivering his lecture

Dr. Raney with students from the GRSS Chapter.
Dr. Georgia Lawrence, Chair, Professor of the ECSU Mathematics and Computer Science Department is seen on the left with Dr. Linda Hayden.

Guests and students attending the lecture.

GRSS Distinguished Lecture
GRSS Distinguished Lecture
GRSS Distinguished Lecture
GRSS Distinguished Lecture


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