Learning Internet and Networking Knowledge
(LINK) Program
Mrs. Shirley Brown, LINK Program Coordinator is shown above with the Summer 2000 Paricipants. Shown below is Dr. Linda Hayden at the Space Technology station with Alfred Rawls. Mrs. Dawn Brown served as the trainer for the program. LINK is a collaboration between I.C. Norcom High School and the Network Resources and Training Site at ECSU.

Natasha Bailey
Rasheda Bowman
Ashanti Boyd
Janalaya Brame
Christina Gaymon
Jarell Johnson
Erica Mason
Melanese Mayo
Tashawna Moore
Rachel Perry
Michael Pigford
Edward Portela
Alfred Rawls
Alexandria Reid
Montrara Rembert
Jennifer Sudduth
Tiffany Werts
Arlando Whitaker
Deanndra Williams
Starre Williams
NASA Langley Research Center Link 2000 Summer Program
Student Trip Reports
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