Women of NASA
Satellite Teleconferences
Wednesday, September 27, 2000 10:00am - 1:00pm
    Department of Labor Women's Bureau and NASA have partnered to join forces in an initiative to narrow the wage gap and work toward gender equity. By increasing girl's and women's interest in - and preparedness for - math, science, engineering and technology, the Department can improve their pay, expand their career opportunities and increase their economic security. The partnership will kick off with a satellite teleconference live from NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. Women of NASA will broadcast the event and offer participants the opportunity to interact with featured women during the event, as well as participate in live webchats before and after the conference with female role models.
Thursday, October 5, 2000 11:00am - 1:30pm
    Series of interactive chats, forums and webcasts featuring a diverse group of female NASA role models hosted by the Young Women of NASA Advisory Council members. The day will culminate with a webcast live from the launch of STS-92 at Kennedy Space Center.
Local middle and high schools can select up to 5 girls and one teacher to attend the ECSU broadcast of the conferences in room 115 Lester Hall.

Call (252)335-3696 to register your school's participants.
        Lunch will be served.
        Seating is limited so call today.
        No registration fee.
Maria Bualat,
NASA Computer
Peggy Harmon,
NASA Electronics
Julie Williams-Byrd,
NASA Electronics
Janet Jarmann,
NASA Computer
Systems Analyst
Kim Hubbard,
NASA Computer Engineer
Women in NASA Interactive Events

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