Undergraduate Research

On April 26, 2006 four students from Elizabeth City State University participated in the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Undergraduate Research Conference (URC), Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium. The event was an opportunity for students to present their research projects in a professional forum and for those attending to be exposed to the research activities and opportunities available at UNH. The conference took place in the Morse Hall Atrium on the campus of UNH and utilized four floors for engineering team projects, electrical engineering design projects, and various research posters and projects.

The URC event was organized by Dr. Eleanor Abrams, Director of Outreach Scholarship, and Dr. Cameron Wake, Chair, URC Planning Committee. The URC is a yearly event taking place in the spring showcasing faculty-mentored undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative performances. A goal of this conference is to encourage students to pursue academic careers and advanced study while fostering a multidisciplinary and multicultural community of researchers, scholars, and artists engaged in life-long learning.

The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium was opened by Dr. George Hurtt, the Event Chair, of the Insititute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space Department of Natural Resources at UNH. Advisors Dr. Linda Hayden, Dr. Cheryl Lewis and Mr. Moses McDaniel, Biology Dept Research Assistant, of ECSU accompanied the students to UNH as part of the University collaboration between UNH and ECSU. Students from ECSU included:

  • Gieira Jones - Biology
    Electroporation of Crithidia ricardoi with pNUS-GFPH
  • Salimah Cogbill - Biology
    Shoot Regeneration from Cotyledons of Rapid-Cycling Fast Plants
  • Kaiem Frink - Computer Science
    Study on the Implementation of Macomedia Coldfusion as a Web Server Application
  • Jerome Mitchell - Computer Science
    Using Ensemble Learning to Detect Data Abnormalities in Databases