August 2000
School of Mathematics, Science And
Technology Visiting Lecture

Dr. Earl R. Barnes

"Some Combinatorial
Optimization Problems"
Shown above is Dr. Carolyn Mahoney, Dean of the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology with Dr. Earl R. Barnes, Visiting Lecturer.
(left to right)Drs. V. Manglik, D. Sengupta, G. Lawrence, H. Pendarkar, J. Houston, C. Mahoney, E. Barnes (GaTech), V. Raskin, L. Hayden, H. Ellingsen, and K. Kulkarnie. Dr. Houston serves as coordinator of the visiting lecture series.
We describe several optimization problems over graphs. One involves a traveling salesperson problem from an undergraduate research project the author supervises. The other problems are taken from the author's own research and involve finding maximum cliques and minimum colorings in graphs. These problems arise in scheduling theory, game theory, constraint generation applications for integer programming, and in many other areas. We will give a brief survey of some of these applications.
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