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Research Week 2010
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Research Week 2010 - Welcome

BassWelcome to the 2010 Research Week program for the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology. To our students, faculty, administrators, partners and visitors know that EXCELLENCE in teaching and research begins here in the School of Mathematics Science and Technology and that Research Week is an opportunity to share our efforts. Interdisciplinary Collaborations have become a cornerstone of our research projects so the theme “Enhancing Research and Education through Partnerships” is especially appropriate.

Sponsors of Research Week 2010 include the ECSU-University of New Hampshire Watershed Watch Program and the ECSU Support Program for Academics and Research. Both these programs are excellent models demonstrating how partnerships continue to enhance our teaching and our research efforts.

Because February is Black History Month, Research Week 2010 includes the accomplishments of African Americans and HBCU scientists who have made significant contributions in math, science and technology. It is anticipated that the students who both attend and participate will become future trail blazers in research as we proceed into the next decade.

Our goal is not only to showcase existing projects but also to provide stimulus for future collaborations, internships, curriculum enhancements, research, discovery and economic development. I do hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by the panels, seminars, student competitions and research poster presentations that are scheduled this week.

-- Dr. Harry S. Bass - Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

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