National Volunteer Week at I.C. Norcom High School
Mr. Walter Taylor, Principal
The week of April 9-15, 2000 was designated as National Volunteer Week at I.C. Norcom High School. NRTS Staff volunteers announced the "NRTS High School Technology" awardees during their visit.
NRTS High School Technology Awardees:

Left: Ashley Hunter, Carl Seward, and Maria Phelps.

Center: Alonzo Carr, Shawneque Reid, Charles Crocker

Bottom: Mrs. Angelina Hopkins, Assistant Principal

Volunteers were invited to spend one day or one hour during that week.

Theme: Volunteers Give From The Heart.
About the NEW I.C. Norcom High School

Construction of the $37.4 million project, built on a 28-acre site, was started Aug. 25, 1995, and will open next week.

With 280,000 square feet and room for 1,800 students, this school replaces the old I.C. Norcom at the corner of Turnpike Road and Frederick Boulevard.

Located between London Boulevard and High Street, the site includes six tennis courts, a baseball field, and a practice field. The football stadium seats 5,000 spectators.

The school was originally scheduled to open in September of 1997, then it was rescheduled for January 1998. Builders were granted additional time due to inclement weather and changes in the contract.
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