Webcast from Hawaii
May 10-12, 2000
A group of thirty scientists, teachers and students will be visiting Hilo, Hawaii, to conduct scientific experiments and broadcast them live to viewers across the United States. They will be analyzing the o-zone and sea surface temperatures, along with data collected live from ground-based observatories. Join them in Hawaii for live webcasts on Wednesday, May 10-12 1:00 to 3:00pm est.
Hawaii Project - from Rocks to Rainforest

As inhabitants of Earth we experience daily the interactions of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere while observing the changes that these interactions produce over time. What we learn about our surroundings begins with what we experience and how we can connect those experiences to what we already know. Our field laboratory for this study of Earth is the Big Island of Hawaii where the change dynamics of Earth's interacting spheres can be observed through some dramatic encounters with Nature. Join us as we travel the island seeking to unravel the mystery of how a complex rainforest biome could develop on an island of volcanic rock.
(Teachers and students of Anne Chestnutt Middle School Join in on the Webcast from Hawaii)

Anne Chestnutt YBTS Teachers

Aileen Seshun
Dennis Carter
Karen Steele
Belinda Houge
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