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Science Gateway Workshop
A Science Gateway is a community-developed set of tools, applications, and data collections that are integrated and exposed through a graphical user interface, typically a web application. Gateways provide access to a variety of capabilities including workflows, visualization, resource discovery, and job execution services. This workshop introduced participants to common uses of Science Gateway, highlighted several approaches to modern gateway design, and walked them through the process of building and customizing gateways science discipline using existing platforms while learning from others who are doing the same thing.

The ADMI Introduction to Science Gateways Workshop was held August 6-8, 2013 on the campus of Elizabeth City State University in the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research. Featured speakers included Dr. Michael McLennan of Purdue University’s Rosen Center for Advanced Computing, Dr. Rion Dooley of the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and Dr. Stephanie Barr of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Workshop Participants
Dr. Alfred Watkins Spelman College 1
Dr. Andrea Lawrence Spelman College
Dr. Constance Bland Mississippi Valley State University
Dr. Deshea Simon Hampton University
Dr. Elvira Caldwell Winston Salem State University
Dr. Linda Hayden Elizabeth City State University
Dr. Veronica Merritt Howard University
Eleanor Poarch-Wall Virginia State University
Iretta Kearse Spelman College
Je’aime Powell Elizabeth City State University
JerNettie Burney Indiana University
Justin Deloatch Elizabeth City State University
Kaiem Frink Virginia Union University
Katina Brown Hampton University
Kuchumbi Hayden Elizabeth City State University
Matthew Hanlon Texas Advanced Computing Center
Robyn Evans Indiana University
Timothy Holston Mississippi Valley State University
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