NRTS Partners Meeting and Visualization Training

Feb. 7-8, 1999 Norfolk State University and Elizabeth City State University

Dr. Jim Kung (NSU Professor of Computer Science) Dr. Raj Chaudhury(NSU BESTLab Principal Investigator) Dr. Heidi Ries (NSU Director of the Center for Matrials Research)
Mr. Robert Benjamin Lee III (Senior Research Scientist, LaRC Atmospheric Sciences Diveision) Dr. James McLean (Director of Sponsored Programs, ECSU) Mr. James Harrington (Director MU-SPIN)
NSU Student assists with training on WorldWatcher Roger Hathaway (University Relations Officer, LaRC) Dr. Linda Hayden (NRTS Principal Investigator)

Additional photo pages Feb 7-8, 1999:

Visualization Training
Partners Strategy Session
Dinner Meeting