Mr. Donner Grigsby presents awards to Camelot Elementary studentsOn June 3, 2004, the students at Camelot Elementary School in Chesapeake, Virginia attended a NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) Awards Ceremony held at their school. The class of Ms. Jasmine Charity was awarded first place in the Science and Technology Journalism: 2-4 for their submission of the paper entitled "First Flight Centennial Celebration". The paper documented the First Flight Celebrations at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, the history of flight, and the advancements that have been made since. The students receiving this award were:

  • Ashley Burke
  • Courtney Doupe
  • DeVaun Straw
  • J'nele Chappelle
  • Jaylyn Lassiter
  • Jennifer Hodges
  • Jessica Thornton
  • Markell Staton
  • Olivia Williams
  • Shiann Murphy
  • Zavier Simmons

Mr. Donner Grigsby, a Computer Security Official for the Airborne Systems and Flight Research Services Competencies, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), presented the awards to the students and teachers. Mr. Grigsby has the distinction of being a direct relation to the Wright brothers.

Also speaking at the event was Dr. Linda Hayden, Principal Investigator fo the NASA Network and Resources Training Site (NRTS). NRTS is a resource for the NSIP and a sponsor of the Math Sprint Competitions held at Camelot. She spoke to the students on believing that they could be a mathemetician, a researcher, a scientist, or an engineer and that they were needed in these fields.

  The NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) is a national program of six investigations and design challenges for grades K-12 that link students directly with NASA's exciting missions of exploration and discovery.

The NASA Student Involvement Program supports national education standards for science, mathematics, technology, and geography. By participating, students will

  • Develop "science as inquiry" skills
  • Work collaboratively as team members
  • Apply computer and Internet skills
  • Learn core concepts of Earth and space science
  • Integrate science, mathematics, technology, and geography concepts
  • Learn to communicate more clearly and effectively.
  Camelot Elementary/NSIP Awards
Camelot Elementary/NSIP Awards
Camelot Elementary/NSIP Awards
Camelot Elementary/NSIP Awards
Camelot Elementary/NSIP Awards
Camelot Elementary/NSIP Awards