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Enfield Middle School – You Be The Scientist (Computer Activity)
The students are researching information on the Internet about satellites. The students are required to design their own satellite. They must prepare a written paper discussing the purpose of their satellite, a drawn colored picture of their satellite and functions of the satellite.

Learning about GPS

Enfield Middle School – You Be The Scientist (Outdoor Activity)
The YBTS students of Enfield Middle School are participating in an outdoor activity that involves the use of a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) device. The students are understanding how this device is able to receive data from satellites above the Earth’s atmosphere. The GPS device also displays the number of satellites it is retrieving data.

Using the GPS outside

Enfield Middle School – You Be The Scientist (Evaluation)
The students have completed their activities and now they must a complete an evaluation form prepared by Ms. Lossie Hunter. The purpose of the evaluation form is to identify what the students have learned and how the information was presented by the speaker.

Filling out the evaluations