Woods Hole

On April 4th, 2003, Dr. Dwayne Williams, Professor of Maritime Studies with the Sea Education Association (SEA) visited with students at Elizabeth City State University. The purpose of his visit was to inform students of the SEA programs taking place at the Woods Hole, Massachusetts research facility. These programs are designed to promote inter-disiplinary research among high school and college students with regards to an investigative approach to learning. He emphasized that a student need not be an oceanography major to benefit from this summer research program. Students from all disciplines that have attended the SEA cruises and shore component semesters have come to realize the life-changing experience that could never be experienced on a campus.
Dr. Williams has a BA in History/Law and Society from Macalester College and a PhD in History and African Studies from the University of Minnesota.

SEA's Mission

The Sea Education Association (SEA) in Woods Hole, MA provides undergraduates with an opportunity to participate in an academic study-abroad program called the SEA Semester. The program combines intensive research in the areas of oceanography, maritime studies, and nautical science with hands-on experience aboard a traditional sailing ship. Piloting, celestial navigation, and practical seamanship are learned together with oceanographic sampling techniques and marine laboratory procedures. Critical thinking, problem-solving, team-building and leadership skills are emphasized throughout the program. SEA Semester is appropriate for students in marine biology, geology and physical science, environmental studies, American studies, and most other areas within the liberal arts and sciences. Academic credit for SEA Semester is obtained through Boston University.