NASA Educator Resource Center
Appointments for Portsmouth
Public School Educators
To help disseminate materials and information to educators, NASA's Education Division has established the Educator Resource Center Network. This network is comprised of Educator Resource Centers(ERC's) and the Central Operation of Resources for Educators(Core). These facilities are the principal distribution points where educators may obtain NASA Publications, video/computer materials, and participate in training workshops on the use of NASA educational products. Through the NASA Educator Resource Center Network(ERCN), educators can enhance their existing curriculum with information generated by NASA programs, technologies, and discoveries. The Portsmouth Public School Educators who will conduct a cross-reference student of NASA ERC resources and Virginia Standards of Learning include: Howard Foust, Leon Blue, Sheryl Suggs, Vanessa Hinton, and Faye Williams. Mr. Nick Koltun (above right) is manager of the ERC. Shown below are scenes from the ERC facility.
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