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On behalf of the Students, Faculty & Staff in the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, I would like to welcome all participants to Research Week 2007 at Elizabeth City State University. This year’s theme, “Enhancing Academic Instruction through Research,” recognizes that Knowledge is acquired through Teaching and Research. Research Week provides our community of Teacher-Scholars and Students the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the link between knowledge and creativity.

Podium and Poster presentations celebrate the research and academic accomplishments of our faculty and students in the School of Mathematics, Science & Technology (Aviation Science, Biology, Chemistry, Marine Environmental Science, Geology, Pharmacy, Physics, and Technology) and across the ECSU Campus (Business, Education and the Social Sciences).The first annual Research Fair brings representatives from State and Federal Agencies, Graduate Programs and Professional Schools to present information about student internships, graduate programs and research collaboration.

“RESEARCH WEEK 2007” also celebrates the accomplishments of African Americans, HBCU’s, and others in math, science and technology. We hope that the displays, panel discussions, seminars, and poster presentations will spark your interest and imagination to create new knowledge, the science to transform our world.

Dr. Cynthia Warrick
Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

School of Mathematics, Science and Technology Contact Information

  • Dr. Ronald Blackmon, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs :: (252) 335-3710 ::
  • Dr. Cynthia Warrick, Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Technology :: (252) 335-3189 ::
  • Dr. Linda Bailey Hayden, Associate Dean, School of Mathematics, Science and Technology
    (252) 335-3696 ::

Biology Dr. Gary Harmon 335-3244
Chemistry and Physics Dr. Ephraim Gwebu 335-3233
Geological, Environmental & Marine Sciences Dr. Francisco San Juan, Jr. 335-3375
Technology Dr. Mehran Elahi 335-3439
Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Darnell Johnson 335-3544
Pharmacy Dr. H. G. Coker 335-3828

Research Week Committee
Dr. Linda Hayden :: Chairman Dr. Mehran Elahi :: Technology
Dr. Gary Harmon :: Biology Dr. Ephraim Gwebu :: Chem & Physics
Dr. Francisco San Juan :: GEMS Dr. Margaret Young :: Biology
Dr. Darnell Johnson :: Math & CS Dr. Jennifer Robertson :: Pharmacy
Dr. Johnny Houston :: Dir. CSSV Ctr Dr. Tesfaye Serbessa :: Chem & Physics
Dr. H. Leon Pringle :: GEMS/Biology Ms. Lila Gonzales :: MST
School of Mathematics, Science and Technology
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