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Elizabeth City State University School of Mathematics, Science & Technology

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Monday, February 12
Departments, Faculty, and Student Displays
Rooms 216-218, Student Union Center
Presiding - Dr. Mehran Elahi
Welcome - Dr. Ronald Blackmon (pictured to the left)

Departments and major funded centers/programs will have displays set up showcasing their research efforts. These displays will remain in the lobby for the entire week.


Faculty Posters:

  • Dr. Huyla G. Coker - Pharmacy Program
    Development of an Inter-Institutional Doctor of Pharmacy Program Using Video-Teleconferencing
  • Dr. Edmond Koker - Physics and Chemistry Department
    Subcellular Localization of Fluoroquinolone Photosensitization
  • Dr. Lloyd Mitchell - Geological, Environmental and Marine Science Department
    Using a Risk Management Matrix as a Screening Tool for Assesment of Homeland Security on American Indian Reservations
  • Dr. Thomas Rossbach - Geological, Environmental and Marine Science Department
    Using Geology in the Search for Life on Mars
  • Dr. Mehran Elahi - Technology Department
    Effects of Fluids on the Deformation, Strength and Durability of Polymeric Composites
  • Dr. Kuldeep Rawat - Technology Department
    Full-Adder Circuit Design for Low Power, High Speed, and Reduced Area

Department Representatives:

  • Biology - Dr. Margaret Young
  • Chemistry and Physics - Dr. Ephraim Gwebu
  • Geological, Environmental & Marine Sciences - Dr. Francisco San Juan
  • Mathematics & Computer Science - Dr. Darnell Johnson
  • Pharmacy - Dr. Huyla G. Coker
  • Technology - Dr. Mehran Elahi, Mr. Orestes Gooden
  • CERSER - Dr. Linda Hayden
  • CSSV Center - Dr. Johnny Houston
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