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Presentation by
Mary Watson

Goddard Space Flight Center

On January 11th, 2002 the Coalition for Earth Science Education (CESE) held their annual meeting titled "Promoting the Revolution in Earth and Space Science Education" at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Dr. Linda Hayden and Mrs. Aileen Seshun presented "You Be the Scientist with Satellite Imagery in EZ/EC Communities" in an interactive poster session. Dr. Hayden also presented "Mathematics of The Great Dismal Swamp" during this session.

CESE is a loose confederation of individuals representing the science educational efforts of various government agencies, professional societies and college/university centers of science education. Their purpose is to facilitate communication, cooperation, and coordination among Earth Science organizations (geologic, astronomic, hydrologic, atmospheric, and oceanographic) on education activities, and to provide a united voice on national and regional policy issues which affect Earth Science education reform.

Mary Watson, NC Geological Survey
Dr. Linda Hayden, Poster Presentation
Aileen Seshun, Poster Presentation
Aileen Seshun
Aileen Seshun, Poster Presentation