Elizabeth City Middle School
1999 Annual Science Fair
Feb 23-24, 1999

NASA-NRTS Technology
Earth Environmental Awards
Tim Steeves - Levi Turner

"Does Salinity affect the dissolved oxygen and pH of water?"

Earth Environmental Award:
Krystal Waters

"Do gas stations affect the soil around them?"

Judges Choice

McNair Scholar Awards
Sean Carey - Technological Science
Lisa Sanders - Biological Science
Gracen Basnight -Earth Science
Phillip Lewis - Physical Science

Science Fair Judges

Dr. Linda Hayden, Professor of CS
Dr. Cheryl Lewis, Director Ronald McNair Program
Dr. Maurice Powers, Professor of Geo. Science
Dr. Edmond Koker, Professor of Physical Science
Mrs. Marie Jenkins, Director of Recycling/KAB

ECMS Science Dept. Chairman - Mrs. Wanda L. Hathaway
ECSM Principal - Mrs. Geraldine Hill

Trophies donated by ECSU Network Resources and Training Site

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