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  Amber Smith    
  Lee Smalls, Jr.
  Eunice Smith
  Kaiem Frink
  Ryan Tubbs    
  Unquiea Wade
  Cheniece Arthur
  Bryce Campbell
2006 NTA National Conference & 80th Anniversary Celebration

On July 26-29, students from Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) attended the National Technical Association’s (NTA) National Conference & 80th Anniversary Celebration held in Chicago, Illinois. Representing ECSU at the conference were:

  • Bryce Campbell
  • Kaiem Frink
  • Eunice Smith
  • Amber Smith
  • Lee Smalls, Jr.
  • Unquiea Wade
  • Cheniece Arthur
  • Ryan Tubbs

These students were able to present their research from the summer of 2006 and the academic year 05-06 during the conference. This year's theme was "Technical Foundations: A Legacy of Achievement".

Listed below are the students, their mentors, and the title of their research along with links for further information.
Modeling Action Potential in Neurons
Eunice Smith, Mentor: Dipendra Sengupta - Elizabeth City State University, NC
Mapping the Elizabeth City State University Campus Using Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Methods (website)
Amber Smith -North Carolina Central University, Ryan Tubbs - Jarvis Christian College, Mentors: Dr. William Marquitz and Dr. Linda Hayden - Elizabeth City State University, NC
Robotic Formations, Robotic Simulation Team
Cheniece Arthur, Bryce Carmichael - Elizabeth CIty State University, Mentor: Dr. Arvin Agah - University of Kansas, CReSIS
Estimating Antarctic Firn Average Emissivity Trends at the Ski Hi Automatic Weather Station (website)
Lee Smalls, Jr, Kaiem Frink, Mentor: Dr. Malcolm Lecompte - Elizabeth Cit y State University, NC
Using Passive Network Discovery to Fingerprint Vulnerabilities within Ethernet Broadcast Frames (website)
Unquiea Wade, Mentors: Mr. Christopher Edwards, Dr. Linda Hayden - Elizabeth Cit y State University, NC
Honorees for the 2006 NTA Technical Achiever of the Year Awards and the 2005 NTA Membership Awards.  

Technical Achievers    

James R. Washington, Jr .
Hewitt- Washington Associates  

Dr. Francine B. Essien
Rutgers University  

Dr. Ashanti Johnson Pyrtle
University of South Florida  

Roger A. Hathaway
NASA Langley Research Center  

Dr. Scott Williams
State University of New York at Buffalo  

Charles S. Modlin, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic  

Dr. Hakeem M. Oluseyi
University of Alabama  

Dr. Mark McDowell
NASA Glenn Research Center  

Dr. Bruce Jackson
Massachusetts Bay Community College