spURE OMS 2004
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sp GIS-Arcview Training with Dr. Chunlei Fan    (Curriculum Vitae)
18-19 May, 2004
Room 229 Dixon Hall
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On May 18th and 19th, the Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean and Marine Sciences program took part in GIS-Arcview training with Dr. Chunlei Fan of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources at Delaware State University. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) basic and advanced topics were covered along with the software program Arcview. Arcview is a desktop mapping program produced by ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.) that allows you to create your own maps from scratch starting with geographic data in electronic form. For more photos of the training session, proceed to the photo page.


The training session included:


  • GIS Intro: What and Why?
  • Map projections and coordinate systems
  • GIS Models: Raster Model
  • GIS Models: Vector Model
  • Attribute Data
  • Querying Data: Spatial Analysis
  • GIS/Remote Sensing Introductions

GIS Lab Exercises:

  • Exercise 1 – Introduction of ArcView, Selections & Creating New Shapefiles
  • Exercise 2 – Working with Tables
  • Exercise 3 – Buffers and Data Manipulation
  • Exercise 4 – Bring The Shapefiles With Different Project Together
  • Exercise 5 – Getting The GPS Location Into Arcview
  • Exercise 6 – Spatial Analysis
  • Mini Project
Dr. Fan and Napoleon Paxton
Dr. Fan speaks with Napoleon Paxton
Presentation by Dr. Malcolm LeCompte and the URE OMS students to Dr. Fan.