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List of pages created at ECSU (not all inclusive)

Math, Science and Technology Enrichment Program

HBCU/MI ONR Program Review

Ronald McNair Program - HTML Training

Joint Society Conference on Increasing Diversity in the Earth and Space Sciences

Mid-Atlantic Marine Conference, Norfolk, VA

Earth System Science for Elementary Teachers

YBTS at Waters Middle School

Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA)
Conference, Port Ludlow, WA

ADMI 2003

Dr. Kathleen Fischer and Globe at H. L. Trigg Community School

Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing Workshop

ECSU Commencement

YBTS and GPS at Enfield Middle School

YBTS @ W. E. Waters Middle School

NRTS PI Meeting

NASA/TSU/NSF Conference

SEA - Dr. Dwayne Williams

Expanding Opportunities Conference - Florida A&M

NASA Pre-Service Teachers Conference, Alexandria, Virginia

NRTS Distinguished Lecture Series - Dr. Julian Earls

NASA Science Week at Bennett College

GRSS Distinguished Lecture Series

CERSER Grand Opening

Dr. Sonia Gallegos - Webcast

YBTS @ Churchland Middle School

YBTS @ W.E. Waters Middle School

Black Family Technology Night at Memorial Missionary Baptist Church

Globe @ H.L. Trigg Marine Science

The Globe Program and H. L. Trigg Community School

Black Creativity 2003

Third International Conference on Science, Mathematics and Technology Education

Egyptian Physics Conference

FOCUS 2003 Atlanta, Georgia

Pixoneer visits CERSER
Historically Black College and University Summer Faculty GIS Workshop

ESS Online Course Training Workshop, Wheeling, WV

Calvary Christian at the Virginia Air & Space Center

Sea Education Diversity Workshop Cruise

IGARSS 2002, Toronto, Canada

Earth System Science Academy

Off to a Flying Start at the Virginia Air & Space Center

NOAA Entrepreneurship Grant Collaborative Meeting

Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean and Marine Science 2002

Remote Sensing Workshop in Weslaco, Texas

You Be The Scientist at the Virginia Air & Space Museum

93rd Annual AACR Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Second Annual NASA/NSF/TSU Research Symposium

NASA/CET/ECSU Underground Railroad Video Dissemination Meeting

TerScan Conference at the SeaSpace Corporation

GLOBE Train the Trainers Workshop

Satellites in our Everyday World - UNC Asheville, NOAA

SPCG Awards Banquet

An Evening With Mae Jemison, Old Dominion University

NRTS Partner Strategy Meeting and Presentations

Black Family Technology Awareness Week

You Be The Scientist at Brawley and Enfield Middle Schools

Coalition for Earth Science Education (CESE) Annual Meeting

Elizabeth City Middle School YBTS visits Virginia Air and Space Center
North Carolina Coastal Habitat Protection Plan Implementation Support through Directed Research and Remote Sensing

Computer Repair Workshop
National Weather Service Presentation
K-12 Technology and Satellite Imagery Training
Dr. Lawrence DeLucas, Visiting Lecture
Women in Mathematics Day, 2001
Dr. Billy Joe Evans, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan, Webcast
NASA Lecture Series - Dr. Charles Sun
Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean and Marine Science
Crystal Growth, Summer Internship, University of Alabama
Repair and Troubleshooting Computers
Community Center Technology Workshop 2001
Mable Eason Technology Center 2001
You Be The Scientist with Satellite Imagery Summer Program, W.E. Waters Middle School
Open Door Christian Fellowship Community Center, NASA Tour


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