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Personal Statement

In the last twenty years I have been exposed to many different technologies in the field of aviation electronics and computers. From repairing the components and utilizing them in flight to developing Computer Based Training (CBT) for the aviation technical field, my experience with technology has been over a wide area. Even with this experience I was quick to realize that the more I learned, the more I needed to know. With that knowledge I chose to specialize in the area of software development.

While I was assigned to my last duty station in the Coast Guard, I was trained as a technical writer for aviation technical courses. While performing this job I noticed a need for computer based training developers within our unit. I installed the authoring software on my computer and proceeded to teach myself the different packages. Once my superiors realized my level of interest, they did not hesitate in putting my skills to work in an office. I learned more each day and soon began teaching others. Over the span of six years I was able to develop over 75 different training packages and expanded my skills to include 3D animation and web development in addition to the authoring software.

During this time I became involved with Dr. Linda Hayden and the Office of Naval Research program as a mentor for multimedia students. It was here that I saw that I could develop more skills through obtaining a degree in Computer Science. This degree would give me the basic understanding and knowledge of the field that I was in and better prepare me for graduate school and a career in the software development field. It is with this goal in mind that I strive to learn as much as I can while here and seek out internships that will expose me to new areas of the computer science arena.

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