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URE OMS 2002
SEA Woodshole, MA

Executive Summary
Sea Education Association
2002 Workshop Details
The Symposium
Expected Benefits

Challenger Bank and Roseway Bank Paper

Island Wake Effect on Regional Current Systems of Islands and Atolls in The Central Pacific Paper

The Symposium

There will be three workshops - one per year in 2002, 2003 and 2004. We will thenconvene a symposium in 2005 to review the effectiveness of the program developed during the workshops. The symposium will consider not only whether we had been successful in attracting minority student to the SEA program but also whether the program appeared to be successful in encouraging students to make careers in ocean sciences. It would also be charged with developing an action plan to continue the program development.

Everyone who had participated in a workshop would be invited to attend the symposium, as would minority students who had been through a SEA program. Members of the broader Woods Hole scientific community would also be invited. Their input would be particularly valuable when considering whether the program was successful in encouraging student to pursue careers in ocean sciences.