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URE OMS 2002
SEA Woodshole, MA

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2002 Workshop Details
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Challenger Bank and Roseway Bank Paper

Island Wake Effect on Regional Current Systems of Islands and Atolls in The Central Pacific Paper

2002 Workshop Details

Most participants in the workshop would be faculty and administrators from minority-serving institutions. SEA will seek faculty and administrators from institutions serving at least the following minority groups: African American, Hispanic, Native American and Asian/Pacific Islander. A representative from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and other representatives of the larger Woods Hole scientific community would also participate to help identify ways to encourage students to continue in ocean sciences after their SEA experience.

The 2002 workshop would last four days, from July 10 to 13. On the first day, the participants will meet for a few hours at the SEA campus in Woods Hole to discuss the goals of the workshop, to get background information about the SEA program, and to tour the SEA and other Woods Hole facilities. We will then board the SSV Westward, SEA's flagship vessel, and sail for 2.5 days. Participants will stand watch and carry out the other responsibilities of students in a SEA program. Watches run around the clock.

While on board, SEA will demonstrate the scientific sampling equipment and will give examples of the kinds of lectures students would receive in their oceanography, nautical science and maritime studies courses. Workshop members will be able to see first-hand how intensive and effective the learning process is in the program. Discussions in the evening will be brainstorming sessions to elicit preliminary ideas about the program and ways to include more minority students.

The final day of the workshop will take place at the SEA campus, where the group will develop or review plans to encourage the participation of minority students in the program. Suggestions on ways to change the SEA program to make it more attractive to minority students would also be helpful.

All costs of travel to the workshop and room and board while participating in it will be covered by SEA.