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URE OMS 2002
SEA Woodshole, MA

Executive Summary
Sea Education Association
2002 Workshop Details
The Symposium
Expected Benefits

Challenger Bank and Roseway Bank Paper

Island Wake Effect on Regional Current Systems of Islands and Atolls in The Central Pacific Paper

Workshop and Symposium Organizers

Kevin Chu will chair the workshops. He is the Academic Dean of SEA and is responsible for developing and administering all academic programs. In his previous job, he served as Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/Diversity Advisory Committee of the Northeast Regional office of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and served on the EEO Advisory Committee at NMFS headquarters as well. He has facilities and/or chaired numerous multi-day meetings or workshops concerning marine conservation issues.

Dr. Dwayne Williams will work with Kevin Chu to organize the workshops and will implement the recommendations of the workshop. He has just joined the Maritime Studies faculty as SEA. He comes to us from Susquehanna University, where he developed a program to ensure that African and African American studies was a vital part of Susquehanna's core curriculum.

Dr. Ambrose Jearld will participate in the workshop and will help SEA locate appropriate workshop participants. Dr. Jearld has worked for two decades as an oceanographer at the National Marine Fisheries Service. He has been active in efforts to encourage minority students to enter the ocean sciences and has extensive contracts among science faculty in minority-serving institutions.

Dr. John Farrington will participate in the workshop and will provide advice on other persons to invite. He is the Dean of Education at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and will lead a discussion during the workshops on ways to help minority students taking the SEA program to continue on to do graduate work in oceanography.

Mr. Ralph Richardson will represent SEA's Board of Trustees. Mr. Richardson is a member of the SEA Corporation and is the Director of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. He is currently setting up a program in Bermuda that will put "at-risk" children onto a sailing vessel to teach about the oceans and to develop teamwork skills.