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URE OMS 2002
SEA Woodshole, MA

Executive Summary
Sea Education Association
2002 Workshop Details
The Symposium
Expected Benefits

Challenger Bank and Roseway Bank Paper

Island Wake Effect on Regional Current Systems of Islands and Atolls in The Central Pacific Paper

Proposed Workshop Schedule

Day 1:
1200 luncheon
1300 orientation/welcome and introductions/goals of the workshop
1330 structure of SEA program: what it does and why it works - slide show of SEA recent cruise
1430 brief overview of other research institutions in Woods Hole
1500 tour of campus and Woods Hole research institutions
1630 board ship/stow gear
1700 depart Woods Hole
Anchored for the night

Day 2:

As time permits:
- Safety drills
- SEA student presentations
- Nautical Science presentation
- Demonstrations of: Shipek Grab,
Hydrocast, Neuston tows, hourly data collections
- water chemistry and plankton tow analysis techniques
Sail through the night


Day 3:
As time permits:
- sail handling
- Maritime Studies presentation
- Nautical Science presentation
- Demonstrations of scientific gear and analysis methods
anchored for the night

Day 4:
0630/0700 breakfast
0800 arrive at dock, disembark
0900 - noon formulation of plan
noon optional farewell luncheon