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Mobile Database Team

Members: Patrina Bly, Nadirah Cogbill, and Robyn Evans
Mr. Jeff Wood
Key Words:
Googlemaps; database; Dreamweaver; Google Maps; Google MapMaker; HTML5; jQuery Template; MySQL; PHP; Web Application; Browsers; Web services; Mobile communication

The 2011–2012 Mobile Database Team created a campus navigational mobile web application for the campus of Elizabeth City State University. The application provides the students and visitors with an up-to-date campus map that has the capabilities to generate walking directions.

To accomplish this task, the team first gathered historical data and specifications for the forty-six buildings located on the campus. This information was then stored into a database using MySQL and PHP that was accessed by the application. Next, the team updated the map using Google Map Maker. The new map provides users with an aerial view of the campus displaying the buildings, roads, and parking lots. The final step was the creation of the actual application.

The application was created using a jQuery template and HTML5. The application obtains the user’s latitude and longitude coordinates from their mobile device before directing them to the map via Google Maps. From here, using the stored coordinates, the application is able to generate walking directions to the user’s building of choice. Users also have access to the information recorded in the created database.

1704 Weeksville Rd. Campus Box 672 Elizabeth City NC 27909