Database Team Site

Welcome to the 2011 - 2012 Database Team's web site. This site documents the research that we've conducted during this academic shcool year. Our team is currently working on building a mobile web applicaiton that with serve as a map for the campus of Elizabeth City State University. We are currently building a database of buildings that includes their geographic location, history, departments/programs, and other interesting facts. The database and entry formis being built in MySQL on a PHP server allowing participants to enter data from anywhere Internet access is available.

Once the database has been completed, our team will then research applying this data to the Google Maps site to provide labeling and information to users. The database and information will be made available through a traditional web site and a mobile site using HTML5 and be used in conjunction with a mobile web app being developed by a second research team. This project will form the basis for future projects integrating water testing, ice depth visualization, and other projects requiring visualization of data.

Feel free to use this site as a resource to learn more about our research for the academic year as well as to learn more about the team members associated with the research.

Working Links

1704 Weeksville Rd. Campus Box 672 Elizabeth City NC 27909