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Everyone has a purpose in life mine is to make a change in the world. As I grow older and away from home, I have learned to cherish every moment in my life and not take anything for granted. I believe in hard work, I believe that if you work hard to get anything in your life, it would be here to stay for ever. Ten years from now, I see myself graduated from Pharmacy school as a Pharmacy Technician and working with the United Nations. I also see myself having a growing project that I will call “LOVE”, to help prevent diseases among children in Africa and provide affordable medicine for each and everybody or even free. In ten years I will also start a program to help transform traditional African medicine into normal pills. When I die I would like to be remembered as one that made a change in the world and not as one that was rich and really living the “African dream”.

I am from Guinea, West Africa. I moved to the United States to find new hopes and dreams in 2000. I have experienced many things in my life, good and bad, that have made me a strong person. Since I am an African American woman, I know that I have to work harder to keep my dreams alive and not let anything stand in my way. Not everyone gets to make it as far as I did where I come from, and that makes me believe that there is something special about me and also makes me realize that I don’t ever give up until I get what I really want.

I am attending Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. My majors are Math and Chemistry. I enjoy both of the subjects. My interest in chemistry started during my first semester in my General Chemistry Class. The class was very challenging and that is what I like the most about it. At that time I discovered my love for Chemistry and made a connection on how I could make a change with a major in Chemistry. I thought of Africa and all the traditional medicine that can be made into regular pills to help everyone. I have always loved Math. It makes me feel good to solve a math problem. I feel in power when solving a math problem.

With both of my majors, I plan on working as pharmacy technician with the United Nations, This will me start on what I call my project for life. I know that with working with the United Nations I can be in touch with the children all over the world. I also will start my own industry to transform traditional medicine into regular pills and offer them for free, or at lesser cost.

I have it in my heart to give opportunities to all of the children of Africa. I would like to let them know that everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and work hard. If I can make it this far, and I still don’t know yet how far life is going to take me, anybody can make it.