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This page is dedicated to anybody who wants to get to know me a little bit better. I will be talking about a little my culture and the culture shock that i am still going through here in the United States. I will also include pictures of the motherland.

Even thought it may seems like I work hard everyday, I still take some time out to have fun. I am a student athlete, i enjoy playing basketball. I am a member of the Lady Viking basketball team. I do have many friends that I hang out with sometimes. However I like to choose my friends, that is one of the lessons my mother taught me. Good friends will always keep you on the right track and the bad ones will alway throw you off track. I always try to be a good friends to all the people that I meet and I end up getting hurt sometimes because some people will use my kindness as a weakness, but I will never stop being good to others. Life is a circle, what goes around comes around. Even though I meet many people in my school and outside my culture, I try my best to stay in my middle, close to my African friends. I have surrounded with some old friends from home, and they keep me focus. Sometimes, I tend to take what I have for granted, and that is why I have to stay in touch with the Lord all the time . As young people, we don't know how precious what we have is until we loose it, that's why it is important to me to stay focus at all time and thank God each and every second for what I have.

Being here in the United States, I had to go through a lot. The culture was different. I couldn't speak English, so I had to learn a lot. About a year and half after my arrival, I was already fluent in English. Some of my teachers were amazed with my progress. Beside the language, I had to find new friends, because at that time I was only 16 year old and couldn't speak English. I would have some students at my high school ask me about Africa. I would usually get upset, but finally I got used to it. They would ask me if we wear clothes or wether or not we have TV or if we have elephants and lions running right on our backyard.It was a big challenge for to learn how to be in this country, to learn how to respect the citizens and how not to loose my culture. I had to work really hard to keep my African side but at the same time learn the American culture and how to associate with it and not be lost. In the United States, I discover new dreams, new opportunities for African American female. I grew so much since I got here. I have learned how to get things done on my own, responsibility. I have mature to a point I never thought possible. I will be for ever grateful for that.

Africa, the motherland, is a beatiful place to be. We may not all the technology, but it is home to me. I don't believe that there is a better place than Africa in this Earth. We know how to respect each other and the love among each other is tremendous. I am proud to say that I am African, because deep down inside I know that no richesse can compare to that. I would hope that each African American can take some time just to learn a little bit more about Africa even the Goods, not just the Bad, that we get to see on TV all the time.

Here are some pictures of my family members in African clothe, and also some of my friends, Enjoy!!!