TravelURE OMS 2004
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Day One Presentations

This years URE OMS closing program began on Thursday, July 8th. After registrations were completed, several speakers welcomed the guests and presented information on the program. Listed below are the speakers and the research presentations.

Introductions :: Dr. Linda Hayden, Principal Investigator
Welcome :: Dr. Carolyn Mahoney, ECSU Provost
Overview of CERSER :: Mrs. Sharon Brown, Program Manager
URE Program Overview :: Dr. Linda Hayden, Principal Investigator
Student Presentations :: Mr. Kevin Foss, Moderator

Dolphin Presence/Absence Probabilities on VA/NC Coast as Correlated with SST and Chlorophyll Levels
Mr. Kevin Foss (mentor), DeQuincy Faulcon, Tiffany Fogg, Bilan Howard

Geo-referencing Aerial Photography for Calibration of Light –Attenuation Models of Seagrass Habitats
Dr. Jud Kenworthy (mentor), Dr. Patrick Biber (mentor), Napoleon Paxton

A Class Diagram of Messaging a Subsystem Using XML and FIPA
Dr. Sivaprasad Gogineni (mentor), Jerome Mitchell

Agencies Represented in the URE OMS 2004 Program
Mr. Charles Luther, ONR Sensors and Systems Division
Dr. Patrick Biber, NOAA Beaufort Laboratory
Dr. Jud Kenworthy, NOAA Beaufort Laboratory
Mrs. Jewel G. Linzey, NOAA EPP Program

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Closing>Day One
Closing>Day One
Closing>Day One