The primary focus of this research was to make connections between mathematics and the existing Great Dismal Swamp research projects that will assist us in developing lesson plans for students in grades pre-K through grade 2.  The Mathematics of the Great Dismal Swamp Team reviewed results of faculty and student research projects to identify sources used in the mathematics preparation of children at this grade level.  We then produced educational lessons, which incorporated mathematical concepts from the data collected.

    We realize the importance of the mathematical developments, which occur in students in grade pre-k through grade 2.  Thus, this project was designed to build on the curiosity and enthusiasm of children as it relates to the study of mathematics.  Appropriate mathematical experiences were designed to challenge young children to explore ideas related to data analysis and probability, measurement, mathematical connections, algebraic concepts, and numerical operations.  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics lists these topics and many others as those which young children should be exposed to as early as pre-k through grade 2.

    The lessons developed have been produced on a folded poster and submitted to NASAís Earth Science product review committee.  The review criteria and guidelines are available at  The team worked closely with the multimedia team, whose research project will produce the image of the Swamp to be displayed on the front of the poster.

Revised: April 11, 2001

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