Dr. Maurice C. Powers                                            Mrs. Sue Powers                                                  Mr. Omari W. Salisbury

Dr. Maurice Powers
Currently acting as project director for the Dismal Swamp Boardwalk Education and Research project; teach courses in
geology & environmental science; direct research on hydrology of Dismal Swamp. Also teach independent study course in
environmental science for University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

Sue Powers
Mrs. Powers is a verten teacher in the state of North Carolina.  She as written grants and have started projects at her school, Moyack Elementary School, where she is a third grade teacher.

Omari W. Salisbury
Omari graduated in December of 1999 with a B.S. in Geology and a minor in Environmental Science.  He worked as a student researcher for 3 years and now assists in directing research activities for the Environmental Research Lab.

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