CWM 2012R
The Math Sprint Competition consisted of a team of girls from each school completing problems under a time constraint. The teams were given points for correct answers and were penalized for no answer. Dr. Cheryl Lewis led this years competition. The winners were announced during the closing lunch and received trophies for their efforts.
High School Winners
11st Place
Hertford County High School
Team Name: Lady Bears
Coach: Rosalie Mercaden

Team Members
Jasmine Bunch
Kaisi Peele
Genesis Taylor
Dwanashia Harris

12nd Place
Bertie Early College High School
Team Name: BECHS
Coach: Gwendolyn Hughson

Team Members
Savannah Hughes
Emma Hughson
Tauhecah Jawharah

13rd Place
Gates County High School
Team Name: Lady Barons
Coaches: Peggy Walston/Laura Francis

Team Members
Rachel Miller
Lindsey Lewis
Jerica Roth
Kristen Kellogg

1Honorable Mention
C.S. Brown STEM High School
Team Name: STEM Lady Bears
Coach: Julia Lequin

Team Members
Shyla Fitzhugh
Keara Huguley
Cyvanah Byrd-Eley

Middle School Winners
11st Place
River Road Middle School
Team Name: Lady Rocket Scientists
Coach: Mary Jackson

Team Members
Victoria Kesinger
Michelle Valladares
Davis Robertson
Jessica Huynh
Madison Ma

12nd Place
Elizabeth City Middle School
Team Name: ECMS Pi's
Coach: Avery Jennings

Team Members
Kirsten Bundy
Krystal Trulin
McKenzie Williams
Skyler Russell
Veriah Williams

13rd Place
Camden Middle School
Team Name: Big Blue
Coach: Cynthia Drake

Team Members
Madison Berry
Addison Buhl
Lilly Cartwright
Madison Kennedy
Brandy Whittaker

1Honorable Mention
Central Middle School
Team Name: Lady Vikings
Coach: Alice Casterlow

Team Members
Shakara Riddick
Keeley Weber
Jette Cameron-Paz
Tiffany Muse

Math Sprint
Math Sprint
Math Sprint
Math Sprint
Math Sprint
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