About Watershed Watch

University of New Hampshire : Elizabeth City State University : College of The Albemarle : New Hampshire Community Technical College
What it is...
Two-week Summer Research Institute
Alternating between the Merrimack Watershed in New Hampshire in 2006 (May 30 - June 10) followed by the Pasquotank watershed in 2007.
- 4 credit hours
Academic Year Seminars
Faculty mentoring during a student designed and conducted research project. Two-hour, weekly seminars connecting students on different campuses. - 2 credit hours/Semester

$250 for two week institute
College credits toward required science classes
Tuition Paid
Conferences and Travel
Opening your mind to new people, places, and opportunities to excel!

Geospatial Technologies
Take your studies ”out of this world” with the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), and other remote sensing tools used to view the Earth, its systems, and its inhabitants in a whole new light.

Aquatic Science
Learn what really is in the water around you and exactly how it gets there. Go into the field aboard a research vessel and take samples that become your own research project.

Social Science
Look into how the economic growth in your region affects the water in your area. How much heat will that new superstore parking lot create and how will it affect the environment in your area?

Terrestrial Science
Go global while studying natural (severe weather events) and anthropogenic (poor air and water quality) impacts on the landscape and on watershed function. Use satellite data to map changes over time to the landscape. Discover the human impacts.

Dirty Word? Not when you see the power and beauty it has in problem solving, data analysis, and experimental design.
Take math from a being a hum-drum chore to being your consuming passion.
Watershed Watch Brochure - PDF
Watershed Watch Application - PDF
Watershed Watch Stipend Form - PDF
Broadening Student Horizons: A perturbation to Earth System Science Education
For Submission to: Special Issue of the Journal of Geoscience Education (PDF - 920kb)
NSF Award # 0525433 led by Dr. Barry Rock, University of New Hampshire