Camden D. Hearn



Professional Statement




I first became interested in computer science during the summer of 2006 while attending Med-Corp at Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi. Med-Corp is a program designed to help prepare undergraduate students to pursue a career in medicine. It accomplishes this goal through a four-year program designed to test students and show them exactly what being a doctor really means. Newly graduated high school students enroll in the Med-Corp 1 summer program and during the next four summers, the students gradually advance to Med-Corp 4. Med-Corp 4 takes the students to intern at the University Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi where they work along side doctors and assist them during their daily tasks. The students may assist the doctor(s) in attending patients or they may view a surgery in the emergency room, but all who survive the experience will take the GRE.

I wanted to major in biology and eventually obtain my license to practice as a doctor. Shortly into the program, however, I learned that I could not take some of the experiences that a doctor is subjected to everyday. It was at that time I discovered my aptitude for computers. During Med-Corp, I was taking a computer science class along with the biology classes. Unknowingly, I was excelling much faster in computer science than the other students who were surpassing me in biology. When this fact dawned on me, I decided to major in computer science and leave biology and medicine to those with stomachs strong enough to handle the experiences. Finishing Med-Corp with the highest score in the computer science class strengthened my decision to change my course of study.

The following week I enrolled in Mississippi Valley State University's (MVSU) summer science program. This program dealt with computer science and other fields of study that introduces students to what is expected of them during their matriculation at MVSU. I put forth my best effort during the program and at the end of it I was positive that I was going to major in computer science.

That fall I enrolled at MVSU majoring in computer science. Throughout the year, I worked hard in all of my classes striving to understand and retain the information being taught. In a few of them I had to work harder to maintain my GPA but, in the end, I emerged from my freshman year with a 3.82 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
Now I am participating in the Undergraduate Research Experience program at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Again, I am putting forth my best effort in all my classes. Upon finishing this internship, I will return to Mississippi Valley State University as a sophomore. There, I will continue to strive for excellence and participate in internships whenever I can.

Once I have completed university, I plan to go to graduate school where I will get my masters in computer science. Having earned my masters, I will obtain a job as a computer programmer. My long term goal, within the next twenty years, is to own my own computer software business.

There are people in the world who wish they could have the things and opportunities I have received and, hopefully, will continue to receive. Once I have completed my education and am employed, in order to help others achieve their goals and aspirations, I will invest my time and resources in our colleges.